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The Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 2)!

Three years have gone by.

You’ve been patiently waiting.

It’s finally here.

This time, it isn’t April – so you don’t have to wonder if we’re fooling around at all.

🔥Say hello to the Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 2)🔥

Like the first installment, this mixtape was composed and arranged by Josh Bartels, Filament’s Audio and Video Director. Each song featured is an original composition, made for either our internal games or the games of our esteemed clients. Check out the tracklist below to learn about more of the hottest tracks in learning game history!

Prop your feet up, close your eyes, and relax with this track from the Healthy Minds Measures App we worked on for our client, Healthy Minds Innovations. The Healthy Minds Measures App is a mediation and mindfulness tool backed by neuroscientific research. Develop your meditation skill through podcast-like lessons to reduce stress, improve focus, and help maintain healthy habits. 

Feeling intergalactic? Travel the universe in 3 minutes and 44 seconds with this ethereal audio offering from our game Planet Mechanic, an app where players help fickle aliens decide what to do with their planet. Through experimentation with the planet’s atmosphere, tilt, rotation, and the lunar cycle, players help extraterrestrials discover what temperature, time, and seasonal patterns are best for them!

You know what’s sweet? This jaunty, retro-inspired tune from our game Candy Arcade. Though this game was never released outside of Filament, it centered around an epic adventure to collect as much candy as possible. It was also inspired by 8bit and 16bit arcade games – as you likely can tell by listening to “The Candy Chronicles”!  

The wheels on the bus go round and round – but do you know what makes the United States Judicial System go round? Brush up on your knowledge with iCivics’ Court Quest! In this web browser and mobile game, players drive a bus called the Justice Express and help passengers navigate state and federal courts along the way. While you’re hard at work finding the correct courts for your passengers, you’ll hear “Road Trip,” an uplifting and invigorating song that will make you want to hit the road again and again. 

Fuel your pursuit of truth and responsible journalism with this song from iCivics’ Newsfeed Defenders, a web browser and mobile game all about media literacy. Designed in partnership with the Annenberg Public Policy Center (FactCheck.org), this game aims to help players develop a “gut feeling” for quality journalism. Through the moderation of a fictional social media news site, players must curate an honest reputation by taking care that no spam, unreliable news sources, or inaccurate information clutter their newsfeed. 

Our third and final iCivics feature on the mixtape is the “Cast Your Vote Main Theme” – a peppy, funky song to get you pumped for one of your most important civic duties – voting! Even better, try playing Cast Your Vote, which is free and available online and on mobile devices. Come election time, you’ll know all about local elections, how to identify the issues that matter to you, and ultimately, how to determine which candidate to vote for. In Cast Your Vote, you’ll become an informed voter and listen to great music at the same time. 

Even the most squeamish individual can’t feel that bad when listening to this catchy tune from our body systems learning game, Dr. Guts! In this game, players enroll as a research intern to the curious Dr. Guts, a specialist in human physiology with rather… unusual methods. Perform experiments on organs in the digestive system, the respiratory system, and other body systems, making connections and solving problems to treat your patients!

In case you haven’t heard of the 2021 FlRST Global RoboCo Challenge yet, let’s just say this: it was the most epic, Olympics-style digital robotics challenge of last year – and we’ve got the play by play for you! Once you’ve finished “oooh”-ing and “ahhh”-ing at the creativity, fortitude, and craftiness of the FGRC21 participants, revisit the anticipation and triumphs of all of your favorite moments by listening to “RoboCo Challenge Fanfare.” Evoking tenacity, perseverance, and glory, who wouldn’t feel inspired by this track?

It’s not difficult to imagine yourself surrounded by friendly, helpful robots when listening to this upbeat, industrial tune – and soon, you won’t have to just imagine it! Made obvious by the title, this is the theme song of our upcoming sandbox robotics game, RoboCoyou can wishlist it right now. You can also keep up with the game’s progress by following the RoboCo Devblog, and join the RoboCo community on Discord and Reddit.

Get into the holiday spirit whenever you like with “A Filabee Winter.” One listen and you’ll be dancing with sugarplums, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, and riding in a one-horse open sleigh. This track was used in our arsenal of holiday-themed mini-games featuring our mascot, the Filabee. Put in your headphones, cozy up by the fireplace (or if it’s too hot for a real fire, perhaps just a YouTube video of a crackling fire), and let sleighbells ring all year long.

Want to listen to the Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 2) again? Stream it for free here!

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