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The Value of Working with an Educational Game Developer

When it comes to developing high-quality video game content that makes an impact, you have options in terms of the type of studio you want to hire. You can work with a commercial video game studio, an eLearning content developer, a general software development firm or, as in our case, an educational game developer. In this blog, I’m going to outline the value of working with an educational game developer, specifically with Filament Games.

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Partnership approach.

At the center of our processes is a firm belief that the best product will result in a true partnership approach with our clients. In our typical engagements, clients own the product, own their business strategy, know their customers, and provide deep subject matter expertise in the content area. Filament provides our talent, methodology, and experience to design and create engaging content that translates into real-world impact. The value to our clients is that their best people will be actively involved and empowered to leverage their best talents and skills while being able to work with a studio who are experts in educational game design and development.

Talented and experienced people.

Filament is a full-service studio that staffs talented and creative people who love making digital experiences that make an impact. The value to our clients is that they leverage the skills and talents of experienced educational digital developers without having to build that team themselves or divert internal resources. 

Best practices-based methodology to create high-quality content.

Over the past 14 years, we have honed our processes to create learning experiences that are both efficacious and engaging. The value to our clients is that we don’t rely on luck or haphazard creative inspiration. Our methodology supports creating high-quality content that is innovative and feels fresh. 

Mature production processes to facilitate on-time, on-budget delivery.

Our production team is disciplined, rigorous, and knows how to drive on-time and on-budget projects. The value to our clients is that they have clear access to our progress at all times and the confidence that your project will meet your deadlines.

We care about the success of the product and not just the success of the software.

We don’t develop products in a vacuum as we know that’s not a recipe for success. We take a holistic view of the product, business model, and identified market needs as well as your goals and learning outcomes for your learners. The value to our clients is a resulting product that is a better product-market fit.

Culture of continuous improvement.

Innovation is part of our company’s core values. Filament brings a start-up mentality within the context of a well-established organization. The value to our clients is that they get reliable innovation.

Connection to academic research on digital learning.

Launched in 2019, the Game-based Learning Luminaries Program provides our studio with a critical connection to the academic side of digital learning and the vanguard of game-based learning theory. Academics in the Luminaries program work with our staff to maintain a healthy dialogue between theory and practice through interactive all-staff lectures and guest blog posts. This additional perspective is a value to our clients.

Let us amplify your message.

One of Filament’s superpowers is our well established online presence and industry connections. This can be of value to our clients who want to leverage this capability. We love to amplify our client’s products through our blog, social media, and podcast. In addition, we can partner with our clients to submit to awards and highlight your project as part of our frequent speaking engagements. 

Our friends are your friends.

Because of our staying power as an organization, we have developed quite an extensive network of people and organizations in the educational technology industry who are excited about interactive digital learning. This may be of value to clients if they have reason to explore future partnerships. 

Deep insights into the institutional education market.

Since Filament’s founding, we have always been focused on how to make rich and compelling educational games that are highly efficacious and engaging for learners of all ages. We touch all aspects of education, including designing and developing content for learning and providing professional training on how to teach with games and how to design learning games. This would be of value to clients if/when they choose to take the product to the institutional educational market. Filament is well-versed in the privacy frameworks that affect the products we build. That typically includes COPPA and frequently FERPA. We primarily have experience with implementing user interface controls that apply to these frameworks such as parental gates and data collection notices and can help develop strategies for limiting the scope of personally identifiable information (PII) collected. 

Now that you know a bit about our services, we want to hear from you! Contact us today and tell us how we can partner to make your project a success.

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