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A Look Back at our 2023 Releases

As another remarkable year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the cutting-edge projects we’ve undertaken in 2023. We’re passionate about crafting interactive experiences that not only entertain, but enrich players’ lives. This year, our commitment to our mission led us to reach new heights. From venturing yet again into Roblox game development to releasing a local project close to our hearts and so much more, it’s been a year filled with innovation! 

With 2024 on the horizon, we want to take a moment to look back at the diverse array of games we’ve brought to life in collaboration with our fantastic partners throughout 2023. Join us as we revisit the games that have made up our year. 

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Have you had the chance to check out any of these games? Which one is your favorite? We’re eager to hear your thoughts. Share them with us on X or Facebook!

Robot Champions (FIRST®)

Let’s start with the Roblox hit that makes STEM learning a blastRobot Champions! This experience is a gateway to the exciting world of STEM learning. Imagine an open-ended sandbox where you get to craft and control robots. With a focus on design thinking and the iterative design process, we’ve turned every challenge in Robot Champions into a chance to unleash your inner engineer. To bring this experience to life, we partnered with FIRST®, the champions of STEM education. Robot Champions is where the thrill of gaming meets the magic of learning. It’s making STEM learning not only engaging, but accessible to anyone, anywhere. You can play it for free on Roblox today!

Mindlabs STEM (Mindlabs)

MindLabs STEM is a learning tool designed for children aged 8 and older, seamlessly integrating a digital app, augmented reality, and physical cards to explore core science and engineering concepts. With a focus on Energy, Circuits, Forces, and Simple Machines, the app features over 20 interactive challenges where children can practice and understand these fundamental STEM principles. Additionally, the collaborative CREATE mode allows one to four players to engage in open-ended learning experiences, fostering interest in science and engineering. 

MindLabs STEM has received accolades such as the 2023 Future of Education Technology Conference winners in Immersive Technology, and the National Parenting Product Awards. Moreover, it is an educator’s dream, offering a mess-free, stress-free hands-on STEM experience with an intuitive dashboard for easy grading and feedback. 

Mooving Cows (UW-Madison)

Learn more about proper cattle management with Mooving Cows, a 3D isometric mobile game designed for those who work hands-on with bovine companions. Created in collaboration with UW-Madison, this simulation game caters to adults in the agriculture industry. As players navigate through various scenarios, they gain practical insights into best practices for handling cattle. The game focuses on maintaining optimal milk yield, minimizing stress in cows, and refining decision-making as players work to regulate their own and the cows’ frustration levels and actions. Mooving Cows offers individuals actively involved in working with cows an entertaining and risk-free educational tool!

Distance Dash (NWEA)

Distance Dash is a multiplayer Roblox experience designed to educate players about forces and motion physics while also evaluating their comprehension. Set on multiple fixed, flat tracks, the game offers a variety of physics challenges. Players can choose from five different vehicles, each with adjustable weight by adding specific elements related to that vehicle’s type. For instance, adjusting the weight of a backpack or adding groceries to a cart. The gameplay involves applying varying amounts of force to move these vehicles, allowing players to witness the real-time effects of mass and force through actions like speeding up, slowing down, or crashing.

An Otter Planet Demo (Habithèque)

This November, we released a demo for An Otter Planet, a captivating strategy game centered around water conservation and science. In this upcoming title, players will assume the role of an Otter Guardian exploring the Alliance Planet to understand the crucial role of water in sustaining life. As players progress, their mission involves restoring the habitat of a planet drained of life force energy by the villainous Takers. Throughout the game, players will witness the intricate relationships between various animals, organisms, and water, drawing parallels to the challenges Earth’s water resources face. Developed in collaboration with ocean advocacy organization Oceana, An Otter Planet offers an enjoyable and educational experience, with the demo paving the way for the full game release!

Constitutional Compromise (iCivics)

Dive into history with Constitutional Compromise, a collaborative creation by Filament Games and iCivics. Players step into the shoes of a delegate during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. As the nation faces mounting disagreements, their task is to navigate the challenging terrain of compromise. Engage in the spirited debates of the time, listening to the perspectives of the 55 delegates who shaped the future of the United States. A player’s decisions will shape the course of history as you weigh options and strive to find common ground in this dynamic and educational experience!

Across Karman (Wilson Center)

Across Karman is a web project that invites users to interact and explore Earth’s orbits. The immersive web page pays homage to the historic milestone of Sputnik I, the first satellite launched by the Soviet Union 66 years ago. Delving into six layers of orbits, this webpage answers fundamental questions about the objects we propel into space and the strategic considerations behind their orbital placement.

From the initial screen through the “Ready to Launch” button and beyond, users encounter animations and information showcasing different orbits. Filament created everything on the page, from the art to the engineering behind it! This interactive experience not only educates users about the technical aspects of orbits but also provides a visually engaging journey, illustrating the significance of satellites and space bodies. 

As we look back at our 2023 releases, we’re not just reminiscing; we’re setting our sights on the future! The learning game industry is filled with endless possibilities, and we’re excited to continue creating games that inspire, educate, and entertain. We can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring, and we hope you’ll be there with us to make it another year full of playful innovation and positive impact.

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