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Welcome to the New Filament Games Website!

Welcome to the new www.filamentgames.com! If you just happen to be stopping by, you might have noticed that one or two things are different about the site. In actual fact, all of the things are different about the site. But not to worry – things aren’t only different; they’re better. We’ve overhauled the site entirely, replete with a simplified design, more videos and GIFs, a more modern blog, and a snazzy new portfolio that shows off some of our latest and most exciting work. Here’s a few highlights to check out as you explore the new design:

Revamped Portfolio

Any age, any platform, any subject. That’s the message of our new portfolio, and it’s also our promise to clients. With 13 years of industry-leading experience in educational game development, our partners rely on us for our versatility and long tenure of earned expertise. We’ve selected some of our best and brightest projects to show you what we mean, packed with gameplay GIFs and videos so you can see the games in motion. Stats and client testimonials are also included so you can see how our games have made an impact as well. More project pages are coming soon, so keep an eye on this section!


New Blog!

Behold! You’re already there. Our new blog is very similar to our old blog in terms of content and consistency – we’ll be releasing thoughtful, original content every Monday and Wednesday with the exception of federal holidays or unforeseen force majeure. The more spacious and chunky interface should make things easier to read and navigate at a glance, and the new search feature will have you covered if you’re trying to dig deep for some of our blog’s greatest hits. We’ll be releasing quite a bit of media through this platform as well, so stay tuned for more blogs, a new video series, and maybe even a podcast or three.


Careers Center

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Filament Games? Us too! Because with a company this fun and flexible, it barely feels like work at all. That said, there’s a lot to learn about the kind of work we do, and the benefits of employment at Filament Games. The careers page is your destination for that information. Check out our job openings, get to know our benefits program, learn about our team, and watch our Who We Are video for a peek inside the studio.


That’s about it! Simple, right? That’s the idea. Our mission with this redesign was clarity, simplicity, and aesthetic impact. Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know how we did – we’re going to keep iterating, and we want to hear from you!


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