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Ethan Cayko

Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication – Part 1: A History

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

“Oh right! And…sorry…no you…uh, I was just… no you go first, go ahead.” “I was just saying that bSHHHTZTK in the first place.” “Sorry, could you repeat that?” Today’s high speed fiber optic networks and teleconferencing technologies connect people and businesses across the globe in seconds, but what are the affordances and limitations of this…

Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication – Part 2: Navigating the Network

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Looking for part 1 of Ethan’s ‘Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication’ blog series? Check it out here! At Filament, we work with clients near and far so remote collaboration and the use of teleconferencing systems is a daily practice. Our meeting rooms are outfitted with webcams, microphones, and conference telephones. As a producer, part of my responsibility…

Remote Collaboration & Telecommunication – Part 3: Achieving Successful Shared Workspaces

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Great meeting! Network connection was solid the whole time, video was great, audio was crystal clear, and interruptions were kept to a minimum. Great job everyone, we’ve mastered video conferencing. Now, please review your personal notes and in two weeks we’ll have a follow up meeting to reconcile our wildly different interpretations of the decisions…

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