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Beat Summer Brain Drain With These FREE Games and Learning Resources

The weather is hot, my coffee is cold, and my energy bill is high – this can mean only one thing. Summer is here! 

Summer Pikachu

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Yes even if you’re like me and you never really go outside anymore, summer is definitely here. And even though it feels like school’s been out since some time before Easter, it’s actually officially out now, for real, which means that dreaded summer brain drain is waiting to pounce on unsuspecting learners everywhere. But not to worry! The game-based learning aficionados at Filament Games are here to help. We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite online and outdoor learning game resources that will keep you and your loved ones’ brains sharp as a pack of tacks as you await the coming school year. Check them out below!

PBS Pro-Tips for Summer Math Learning

PBS Pro-Tips for Summer Math Learning

(Image source: PBS)

For parents looking to weave a bit more math learning into their day-to-day lives this summer, Jessica Efird put together this great write-up for PBS Kids, offering some key pointers on how to turn everyday experiences into math learning opportunities. From counting up your groceries to measuring time and distance on a road trip, this article offers a number of simple, actionable tips for exercising your quantitative capacities! Check it out here.

iCivics’ Impact Points Challenge

iCivics' Impact Points Challenge

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor founded iCivics in 2009 with a mission to reimagine civic education through game-based learning. Combining History, American government, and civics, iCivics is simply a can’t-miss resource! As a part of their mission to empower young people to take action on issues they care about, iCivics has also recently launched the Impact Points Challenge to provide an opportunity to help those in need right now. The Impact Points Challenge is a super cool way to stay busy, engaged, and learning while also supporting great causes and giving back to the community. Check it out here!

Summer Fun from Education.com

Summer Fun from Education.com

While we’re obviously big fans of video games and digital learning, we also recognize that sometimes you just need to get outside – especially when it’s this nice out. Thankfully, the fine folks at Education.com have compiled this robust library of summer learning games and activities, many of which will get you out of doors and moving! Search by grade, subject, topic, and even Common Core standards if you want to go the hardcore route. Check out these resources here!

Scholastic’s Fun-in-the-Sun Activities

Scholastic’s Fun-in-the-Sun Activities

(Image source: Scholastic)

Our friends at Scholastic are among the most reliable curators on the planet when it comes to educational content – their legendary organization has been helping students (like myself) discover the joy of learning for nearly a century (mark your calendars for October 22!). Their round-up of fun-in-the-sun activities covers reading, science, arts and crafts, and even cooking! Check out these activities and printables for a fun selection of learning opportunities that are perfect for summer.

So there you have it! This is just a sampling of the summer learning activities we were able to find out in the wild. If you’ve got some ideas to add, sound off on our Twitter or Facebook – we want to hear about them! And if you’re looking for more free resources, check out the articles below:

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