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Behind the Scenes at an Educational Game Developer: Game Engineer Edition

Once again, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Filament Games! Whether you’re curious about the ins and outs of an award-winning educational game developer or looking to apply for one of our open positions, you’re in the right place. Earlier this month, we interviewed Allison Salmon on a day in the life of a game engineer, and then we interviewed Demetri Sofides on a day in the life of a 3D artist

Today, you’ll hear from another one of our game engineers, Carter Williams, as he walks us through the code and science behind RoboCo’s physics. Inside RoboCo is our behind-the-scenes developer series where we give viewers a sneak peek into the features of the game. If you’re curious about how our game engineers translated real-world physics into RoboCo, this is the episode for you! 

Episode outline:

[0:00-0:26] Intro

[0:27-1:42] What is the difference between real-world physics and RoboCo physics?

[1:43-2:50] How does gravity work in games like RoboCo?

[2:51-3:52] How do you test the physics in RoboCo?

[3:53-7:32] What parts or constructs caused you the most trouble?

[7:33-5:36] What in-game wackiness has programming physics caused?

[5:37- 6:30] How do the physics surrounding gears work? 

[6:31-6:54] Is there anything you wanted to implement with the physics system, but weren’t able to?

[6:55-7:33] Outro

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