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Work With Filament Games: How to Get Hired Series Roundup

Filament Games wouldn’t be what it is today without our team! We’re an eclectic group of professionals with a passion for learning. We strive to improve constantly, be playful, and make space for life. We also believe that when we succeed, we succeed together. These are not just our core values – these beliefs make us who we are, and inform how we show up every day to create playful experiences that improve people’s lives! If these values resonate with you (along with the many perks of being a Filamentarian), we strongly encourage you to take a peek at our career openings and see if any of the open positions align with your career goals! 

That said, we understand that applying for any job can range from intimidating to tedious to confusing. That’s why we’ve created the guide below! In our How to Get Hired series, we interview our hiring managers all about their departments, their best practices for success at Filament Games, and qualities in applications and applicants that make an impression. Our goal is to demystify the application process so you can show us your best – and feel confident in doing so! 

As of right now, we have openings in our art, engineering, design, corporate, and production departments – but please note that may change in the near or far future. Here’s a rundown of all the “How to Get Hired” interviews we’ve conducted so far! 

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Art Edition

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For our art department installment of How to Get Hired, we interviewed Brandon Korth, our Art Manager here at Filament Games. In this interview, Brandon talks about what an applicant should include (and not include!) in their portfolio and the best ways to organize that portfolio based on the type of job one is applying for. Additionally, Brandon discusses the importance of taking ownership over one’s work and time, writing interesting and specific cover letters, and why Unity is a valuable skill for a lot of careers in the gaming industry!

If you’ve checked out this interview with Brandon Korth and are looking for more, here’s specific advice for UX designers from Visual and Interaction Designer Alex Yaeger, plus a previous version of our How to Get Hired series on the art department. 

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Game Designer Edition

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Moving along to our design department, and by that we mean game design, we sat down with CCO Dan Norton to hear all of his advice on what makes a strong game designer application. Some highlights: At Filament, a game designer’s main goal is to make the act of playing a game the same as the act of learning the game. Designers at Filament are considered client advocates. Dan also discusses the power of intrinsic motivation, breadth of portfolio, and why having a department full of Dan Norton clones wouldn’t necessarily make for the best team!

Want even more advice on how to get hired as a game designer from Dan? Look no further.

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Game Engineer Edition

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For all the ins and outs of the game engineer application process, we interviewed Gene Cook, our Game Engineering Manager. Gene notes that being someone who is proactive about their time, who is specific and detailed about their past experiences, and who is adaptable to all sorts of change is a great candidate for the Filament engineering team. Younger or newer engineers should not immediately disqualify themselves from applying to our open positions either – a positive attitude plus high levels of curiosity and grit can make a great impression!

Have you read this interview with Gene and are looking for even more engineering career advice? Check out this previous version of our “How to Get Hired” series on the engineering department. 

How to Get Hired at a Game Studio: Production Edition

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To finish off our updated How to Get Hired series, we interviewed Shaina Grade, our Studio Operations Manager. Shaina manages the Production, Quality Assurance, and AV departments – but this interview focuses specifically on game producers. A great producer looks out for their team and is adaptable and ready to multitask. What are some of Shaina’s tips for success at Filament? Be open to learning new things. Don’t be afraid of failure – learn from it. Prioritize communication with your team. Stay true to your commitments. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas. 

If you’re looking for more insight from Shaina on getting hired in a different area of work, check out her post on Hiring Top Talent in QA.

No matter what kind of job you’re looking to apply for, you can find all sorts of useful advice and tips throughout our How to Get Hired series! We hope that after looking through these interviews, you have a clearer picture of our application and hiring process. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our current openings and send us your best today!

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