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Top 10 Reasons to Work at Filament Games in 2021

So, you want to work at Filament Games? There’s a lot to love about a career at our studio…

10) We work with world-class organizations.  FIRST, Scholastic, PBS, Oculus, Columbia University, McGraw-Hill Education, iCivics…and the list goes on. Our 15+ years of creating outstanding learning games has built our reputation as a national leader in the educational games development scene.

9) We offer full-time employees flexible work hours + unlimited paid time off. Yes, you read that correctly. Morning person? Night owl? As long as you meet deadlines and produce high-quality deliverables, you have the freedom to choose when you work! On top of that, our studio is proud to offer unlimited PTO for all full-time employees – gone are the days of shortening your well-deserved vacation because of unexpected sick days or emergencies.

8) We embrace cutting-edge technologies. At Filament, we’re always thinking about the next big thing. Our early adoption of educational AR/VR content led to the release of some of our most celebrated projects yet, including the 2019 Webbys People’s Voice Award-winning Breaking Boundaries in Science as well as our in-development sandbox robotics game RoboCo.

7) We’re a leader in our region’s rapidly growing game development scene. In addition to a strong tech presence, Madison, Wisconsin is home to a host of AAA, indie, mobile, and AR/VR game developers

6) We’re all working safely and remotely. As the global pandemic continues to ebb and flow, our staff is able to opt-in to fully remote, hybrid, or fully in-office status. Office workers are required to comply with local mask requirements as needed, and are able to enjoy all of the perks of a fully-furnished office in the Madison StartingBlock co-working space. For remote workers, we provide the opportunity to apply for office equipment and computer hardware stipends, all of which is intended to make working in our new normal as smooth and painless as possible.

5) We think Madison, Wisconsin is a pretty neat place. Beautiful lakes, dog parks, and outdoor eateries abound. There are also tons of other socially-distanced, safe activities to be had in our city, with 270 different parks to choose from!

4) We have fun on the job. Our staff works hard – but we play hard too! We organize weekly virtual lunches, co-op gaming sessions, and contests to keep things interesting while we’re stuck at home. 

3) We trust our staff to do great things. We strongly believe in giving our staff the agency to solve problems using their own expertise, rather than micromanaging each step in the game development process. Management is always friendly and supportive when unexpected issues arise – but don’t expect to have your hand held every step of the way.

2) We offer profit-share! All employees enjoy the benefits of a profit share program designed to let everyone see a measurable financial impact as a reward for their hard work. 

1) We’re on a mission. And that’s to create playful experiences that improve people’s lives. Before starting new projects, we always ask ourselves one question: what real-world impact will this game have? Lots of people can make video games – but few have the ability to create games with meaningful, measurable outcomes. Think you’re up to the task?

If your answer is a resounding, “yes!”, we’d love for you to join us! Visit our careers page to view all our available job openings, then check out the following video to learn more about our company and culture from CEO Dan White:

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