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Are you on Instagram? Filament Games is! 

I’ve been running our official company Instagram account for just about three years now, using the platform to share key moments in Filament culture and company life. And while we may not be home to the fanciest feed on the platform, I can confidently say that ours is the most Filament-y!

Whether you’re a job applicant, friend of Filament, or simply a fan of our studio, if you’re not following Filament Games on Instagram, I’ve gotta ask – what are you doing with your life!? 

But if you’re not quite ready to make the plunge – or alternatively, you don’t use Instagram – don’t fret! Today, we’ve sifted through our feed to bring you some of our team’s favorite behind-the-scenes moments from over the years. Here’s a look:

Remember back in pre-2020 times when we could get together with colleagues and friends for events? Pepperidge Farm remembers – and so do we! Some of my favorite moments in Filament Instagram history were sourced from events like these – ice skating, company picnics, holiday parties, and more…

Over the years, we’ve used the Filament Instagram to share wholesome moments…

…warm and cozy memories…

…and even moments of extreme stoke levels!

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Rolling into the weekend like… ➖⚫️➖

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Whether we’re celebrating an epic award win…

…a memorable gaming event…

…or a new furry friend…

…whenever new Filament memories are made, you can bet they’ll make their way to our Instagram!

And while our team hasn’t convened in-person in over six months due to the ongoing pandemic…

…we’ve still managed to keep up with each other digitally via Animal Crossing and other socially distant hangouts.

Oh, and quarantine has also been a great opportunity for our team to show off their work-from-home habits and friends – we’ve done collages highlighting everyone’s cats, dogs, critters, plants, as well as our home workstations and favorite coffee mugs!

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Meet the felines of Filament Games! 😻

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And while working from home has its perks, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really looking forward to one day returning to our offices, seeing my colleagues and friends in person, and capturing even more memories for the Filament Instagram!

In the meantime, I’d like to close out today’s blog with an important message from our mascot Filabee. Bee safe out there, friends! 😷

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Bee safe out there – wear a mask! 😷

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