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FGP3-7: Making VR a Reality in the Classroom

In this episode, we’re joined by two incredible educator pioneers who are leading the way towards using VR for learning. Hear from Maria Galanis, Instructional Coach at Shepard Middle School and Andrea Trudeau, Library Information Specialist for Deerfield District 109, as they discuss their best practices for using VR in classrooms.

Hot Topics in This Week’s Episode

Andrea Trudeau on the Filament Games Podcast

Andrea Trudeau is a NBCT, Google Educator, and 19-year veteran in education with a variety of teaching roles at Alan B. Shepard Middle School in Deerfield District 109. Most recently, she became the school’s library information specialist and hit the ground running in order to create an active learning commons that breaks free of the stereotype of a traditional library and embraces creativity, collaboration, and risk-taking. Andrea is passionate about project-based learning, literacy, innovative digital tools and resources, as well as the Maker Movement. She was fortunate to be invited to a roundtable discussion at the White House in June 2015 to discuss the potential of the Maker Movement in schools with educational leaders across the nation. She continues to be a strong advocate for hands-on, meaningful, and fun learning experiences for students.


Maria Galanis on the Filament Games Podcast

Hi! I’m Maria and I’m currently an iCoach for grades 6-8 in a suburb north of Chicago. My role in education for the past 16 years began as Tech Coordinator which evolved to Tech Coach. My current role as an iCoach integrates instructional coaching with an emphasis in innovation. I received my M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction in Tech because I love the possibilities that technology brings to learning, connecting people, and the world. When I think of my ideal focus in education, I want it to FOSTER, ELEVATE, and INSPIRE the CURIOSITY and WONDER we all have in us. At the same time remember to ENJOY it all. I tend to focus on the positive and believe that everyone has the ability in them to be great in their own way.


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