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Experimental Learning with Filament Games (Livestream)

In our increasingly digital world, game-based learning is a rich and relevant topic for today’s schools and the realm of education at large. There’s a lot of terminology, theory, and intent surrounding educational games. If you’ve ever had questions like “what differentiates a serious game from an educational game?” or “what skills do students need to learn today to be successful in the future?” stay tuned and read on!

Our CEO Dan White joined Christopher Lind of Tech Sharks for a Learning Tech Talk, which are conversations that explore “the continually evolving landscape of learning technology through unbiased, in-depth conversations with technology providers from around the world.” This Livestream took place on August 9th, 2022 at 11:00 AM CST, but don’t worry if you didn’t catch it live. Dan’s episode is available on YouTube, check it out below! Don’t have time to watch a YouTube video right now? You can listen to the audio on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Episode outline:

[0:00-5:49] Introduction and hybrid work

[5:49-12:06] Board games to video games: Dan’s journey into the educational games space

[12:06-14:36] The creation of Filament Games and what Filament Games is

[14:36-18:33] Limitations of e-learning companies 

[18:33-22:31]  Serious games versus gamification versus game-based learning

[22:31-25:53] What topics best fit game-based learning and simulations

[25:53-29:08] Audience Question: Does Filament sell educational games off the shelf with a commercial license?

[29:08-33:12] Audience Question: What is the definition of “scaffolding” in the context of education?

[33:12-35:33] Audience Question: How does feedback work in simulations?

[35:33-44:58] RoboCo, digital robotics, and physical robotics

[44:58-48:49] RoboCo video overview: Check Out Our Robots | Episode 2

[48:49-50:39] Programming in RoboCo and why it’s a STEAM game

[50:39-1:00:03] The next generation of education and the future workforce

[1:00:03-1:00:57] Outro

We hope you enjoyed Dan White and Christopher Lind’s conversation about all things game-based learning, RoboCo, and the technology we need for the classrooms of tomorrow! If you’re feeling inspired to create a learning game of your own, we’re the educational game developer for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!

More words of wisdom from our CEO:

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