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FGP 16: Win The White House

Welcome to Episode 16!

In FGP 16 we ask the important question, “What do you think is the largest number of bananas you can eat in a day?” We also chat with special guest Carrie Ray-Hill from iCivics about Win The White House and the importance of teaching in a non-partisan, safe environment around the elections.

Hot Topics in This Week’s Episode

Carrie Ray-Hill (iCivics)

Carrie Ray-Hill oversees the conceptualization and development of iCivics’ educational resources, with a particular concern for teacher usability. She is responsible for maintaining a consistent focus on iCivics’ educational mission. Prior to joining the iCivics team, Carrie taught middle and high school social studies and language arts in St. Louis and Washington, DC. She received her B.S. in Historical Studies and secondary teaching certification from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. In addition to seeking out the finest of cheeses, Carrie spends her spare time watching cats on the internet, making cookies for the office, and killing zombies.


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