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Filament Games Podcast | Season 7 Episode 5 – CES Interview with Jani Penttinen

In this episode of the Filament Games Podcast, we have the privilege of sitting down with Jani Penttinen, a luminary in our industry! Recorded live at CES in Las Vegas, our Chief Partnerships Officer, Jennifer Javornik, engages in a fascinating conversation with the CEO and co-founder of Bitmagic.

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Jani’s journey in the gaming industry is nothing short of remarkable. As one of Finland’s gaming industry founders and an alumnus of Westwood Studios / EA, Jani has over 30 years of experience. His passion for game development started in the Finnish “demo scene,” where he honed his coding skills and later became one of Finland’s first professional game developers.

Throughout his career, Jani has lived and worked in various parts of the world, including the USA, China, Switzerland, and Singapore. As the co-founder, CEO, and CTO of Bitmagic, Jani is changing how games are created. Bitmagic is building a platform that allows anyone to create games simply by describing the kind of game they want to play and then harnessing the power of AI to bring their creative vision to life. In addition to his work at Bitmagic, Jani is also the founder of Utopos Games, an indie studio focused on retro-style games

Join Jennifer and Jani as they explore the fascinating world of game development, discussing the evolution of the industry, the impact of AI on game creation, and the future of gaming.

Listen to the full episode below or on your favorite podcast platform: Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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