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Life after Launch Part 2: Maintenance Options for Your Educational Video Game

Welcome to Part 2 of “Life after Launch,” a closer look at software maintenance options! In Part 1, I gave you a few things to think about concerning your maintenance needs for your educational video game: the criticality of your game, your plan B, your organization’s IT policies, and, of course, your budget. In Part 2, I’d love to walk you through some options for maintenance plans that range from least expensive to the most costly.  3, 2, 1…

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  1. Do nothing. The first option is a valid option and is probably the most popular option that we see.  Once your game goes live, we give you a 30-day warranty, and during that time if anything surfaces we fix it. After that, most clients go on their merry way. If in the future something starts not working quite right, you can contact us and we’ll put together a quote to fix whatever needs fixing.
  2. Break/fix agreement. Some clients prefer a little more security knowing that if something goes awry, we’ll be on the case. We can offer a break/fix agreement that says we’ll fix anything that comes up of a certain severity and priority and we’ll fix it in a pre-agreed-upon timeframe.  You may never have to use this agreement but if you do, you know it’s there. 
  3. Planned maintenance and enhancements. Lastly, we can provide an agreement that pre-secures a team for you on a quarterly or biannual basis. We can use that time to address any issues that may have developed since we last worked with you and can enhance your game with any hours that are left over after maintenance is complete. 

While these are the three most popular options with our clients, we are also very flexible to design a maintenance plan that works for you. Always happy to help!

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