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Project Round-up: Math Games by Filament Games

With more than 200 games shipped in the past 16 years, it’s safe to say that Filament Games has done it all when it comes to educational game development. Our promise to our clients is any age, any subject, any platform – no matter what you’re trying to teach and where you’re trying to teach it, we’re ready to make you a learning game that exceeds your expectations. Today, we’re highlighting a round-up of some of our favorite math games – check ‘em out and get inspired about what we could do together!

TVO mPower Math by TVO 

A powerful, assessment-driven digital teaching tool that adapts to individual students’ needs, mPower also helps players develop foundational STEM skills while learning about Ontario’s communities and environment. The game environment is directly modeled after the province of Ontario, and the suite of games has been played by thousands of K-6 learners across the province.

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JA Titan by Junior Achievement

In JA Titan, the player takes on the role of a company executive trying to become the leader of a very competitive manufacturing sector. The game is divided into turns, each representing a business quarter. Each turn, the player can allocate funds to a variety of different actions across a range of departments, seeking to balance efforts to meet investor needs (i.e. maximizing profit) with efforts to meet other stakeholders’ needs (i.e. corporate responsibility, social and functional utility). Players will compete along four metrics of performance, merged into a single Performance Score computed at the end of each round. Through scaffolded, engaging play, learners actively apply business-leadership concepts in order to better understand how key decisions affect a company’s bottom line. 

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RoboSellers by Junior Achievement

In RoboSellers, players take on the role of a new robo-entrepreneur, setting out to make a name for themselves in the world of robots. Players start by navigating the planetary system on the prowl for robot parts, discovering pieces they can sell or trade. Savvy players will explore how to maximize their sales by buying low and selling high to merchants across the quadrant. If they grow their business over their first few years, they’ll unlock the ability to apply for a loan to open up their own robot workshop, taking their parts and crafting them into unique robot creations. Through this gameplay cycle, players learn about entrepreneurship, saving and spending money, cost and value analysis, and the purpose of a business plan.

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Take Off! by EkStep

Developed for client EkStep, math learning game Take Off! challenges players with loading an airplane with flightless chickens and sending them on exciting vacations around the world. A central pillar of the EkStep learning platform, the game was designed with equitable access on affordable mobile devices in mind. Drawing on Montessori methodology, Take Off! seamlessly blends addition and subtraction learning objectives with the convenience and accessibility of touch-based mobile gameplay for an all-around engaging learning experience.

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Check out more of our projects in our portfolio, or drop us a line to tell us about the next math game we’re making with you!

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