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Video Games as Therapy

Last time we checked in on the expanding and dynamic intersection of video games and healthcare, we explored whether video games can help treat COVID-19 brain fog, an excellent example of the ways in which the proliferation of medical applications for video games is being driven by the emergent needs of our world. Today we’re…

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Educational Game Development Best Practices: Animation and Voiceover

Animation Our animation process is significantly different between 2D and 3D art, but today we’re going to focus on our 2D workflow. Animation starts internally with Motion Design. This involves the team sketching a concept of the final piece and creating basic animatics. These are used to identify the level of detail, timing, and the…

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Educational Game Development Best Practices: Data Strategy and Confidentiality

Data Strategy There are two categories of data that we think about when building games. Telemetry is data about how the user experiences the game. This may include timing information, content exposures, correct/vs incorrect responses, and other key interactions that allow stakeholders to make inferences about the user’s skill mastery and app usability. Telemetry is…

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GBL Luminary Guest Post: A Logical Journey Through Game-Based Learning

Filament Games stays connected to the scholarly side of game-based learning (GBL) through our GBL Luminaries Program. Academics in the Luminaries program work with our staff to maintain a healthy dialogue between game-based learning theory and practice through all-staff lectures and guest blog posts. Today’s GBL Luminary guest post is from Jodi Asbell-Clarke – Senior…

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The Rise of Digital Distance Learning

As the pandemic recedes (sort of, in some places) and our lives resume a semblance of normalcy, a quick survey of the educational landscape shows that digital distance learning is having a moment. New approaches to the classroom, massive funding rounds for the latest modular courseware startups, video-first curricula that emphasize self-guided learning – the…

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Inside RoboCo: Episodes #1-3

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we’ve been working on a game called RoboCo – a digital robotics sandbox for PC and VR. Though we’ve been underway for several years thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, RoboCo continues to evolve through our ongoing development efforts, and through…

RoboCo Game screenshot of a forklift robot
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