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Event Recap: Filament’s First-Ever Extra Life Livestream! 🎮❤️

We played games, we collected donations, and we raised $1,495 in support of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin – friends of Filament, our first-ever Extra Life fundraising livestream was a smashing success! ⭐ (Image credit: Giphy/Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals) For those just hearing about this now – Extra Life is an annual fundraising event where gamers sign up to…

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iCivics’ NewsFeed Defenders: Game-Based News Literacy Learning

Did you hear? Our longtime partner iCivics recently launched their first all-new game in 5 years: news literacy learning game NewsFeed Defenders! Created in partnership with Annenberg Public Policy Center ( and developed by Filament Games, iCivics’ NewsFeed Defenders tasks players with moderating a fictional social media website focused on news and information, attempting to grow a flourishing…

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Free Curriculum Materials for Breaking Boundaries are Available Now!

Remember Breaking Boundaries in Science, our free Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR game highlighting the lives and achievements of influential women scientists like Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Grace Hopper? 🤔 In the months since we launched Breaking Boundaries, we’ve received an outpouring of kindness and support from players and fans across the world.…

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Creating a Coding Kit for Kids – An Interview with Publications International

To commemorate the recent launch of Learn to Code Kit – featuring four hardcover books & our accompanying Android/iOS app – we sat down with Publications International’s Caroline Delbert to discuss the inspiration behind the project as well as her experiences working on a collaborative project with a game development studio. Check out their responses below! Tell…

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3 Easy Ways to Bring AR into Your Classroom

Augmented reality is – literally – reshaping the world around us. (Image credit: Giphy) From catching creatures in Pokémon GO to making silly faces with Snapchat and Facebook picture filters, AR has infiltrated the mainstream, with combined hardware and software revenues set to exceed that of VR by the year 2021. As developers of custom-built game-based learning experiences, much…

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An Interview with the Team Behind Intel’s Tech Learning Lab

Intel’s Tech Learning Lab multi-city tour launches today, bringing cutting-edge immersive technologies and experiences to students and educators across the country – including our in-development STEM and robotics VR game RoboEngineers. Want to learn more about the initiative? Check out our exclusive interview with the Intel team: Give us an overview of Intel’s exciting Tech Learning…

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