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The Future of VR Controllers

Contemporary VR control methods designed for use with Oculus Touch and HTC Vive headsets function much like traditional video game controllers, intended to be held naturally in one’s hands and operated via motion controls, joysticks, and a “grip” button used to pick up virtual objects and interact with the game world. While these control schemes…

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ESA Heartland Series: An Interview with Dan White

Note: This interview first appeared in the Entertainment Software Association blog. Showcasing the geographic diversity of the video game industry, the Heartland Series features interviews with video game publishers, developers, and innovators from across America, highlighting the groundbreaking work and innovation they bring to every corner of the nation. This month, ESA asked Dan White,…

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Project Highlight: Aquation from the Smithsonian Institute

Learning games are powerful tools for delivering information – whether you’re teaching basic spelling or object-oriented code, learning games are potent experience engines that immerse and engage the learner. There are even some cases where that immersion can be quite literal. Take, for instance, Aquation, the new Freshwater Access Game from the Smithsonian Institute that’s designed to…

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Game-Based Learning Research Roundup 2017

As game-based learning finds its way into the mainstream of teaching modalities, questions about efficacy will naturally start to surface. Fortunately, there’s a significant amount of research available to help drive this conversation in a positive direction, and more research gets generated and highlighted every year. To help you sort through it all, we’ve assembled…

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