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Yes, You Are a Gamer

Sometimes video games get a bad rap. As a form of media, they’re often considered unserious, or childish, or any number of other negative descriptors implying that time spent on a video game is time better spent elsewhere. There is a stigma applied to games that is somehow more pointed and dismissive than the hesitations…

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How to Teach With Games

We spend a lot of time at Filament thinking about the best ways to use games in the classroom – our designers, engineers, and artists are all tirelessly invested in uncovering new ways that games can shine in a formal education setting. By far, our most reliable sources of inspiration are the teachers who are…

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FGP 8: Quality Assurance

Welcome back to the Filament Games Podcast! We hope you’ve enjoyed the show! This week on the podcast, we invite quality assurance professional, Peter Rambo, into the studio to discuss how QA impacts game design. We also learn what Dan purchased with his first paycheck, which games the team has been playing, and what game…

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Introducing The Filament Games Podcast!

Welcome to the Filament Games Podcast! Co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser bring you trending game industry news, the inside scoop on Filament Games, and enough entertainment and sports talk to fill your week. We’ve released seven episodes for your listening enjoyment. New episodes are available weekly on our blog and downloadable through SoundCloud, iTunes, and…

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Elevating Your 1:1 Initiative: Chromebooks

It’s official. You’ve passed that referendum, approved that budget line item, or received the grant to implement new devices for your district. You’ve debated long and hard, you’ve put your decision through a panel, you’ve surveyed your department leaders and even asked your tech-savvy colleagues. You’ve probably spent more hours than you care to count…

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