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We Want To Be Your Grant Partner

Game-based learning and nonprofits make for a dynamic duo – just like Mario and Princess Peach!

Many nonprofits have a mission focused on meaningful education and action. Game-based learning is exceptionally suited to allow learners to actively learn through experimentation while deeply engaged in the outcomes of the experience. We can design games to not only impart knowledge to the player and make complex content comprehensible, but also allows players to develop new behaviors and mindsets that translate to the real world.

Filament has had the chance to partner with some of the most innovative and compelling nonprofits in the world such as iCivics, the Smithsonian Science Education CenterMcKinsey Social InitiativeEkStep, and Junior Achievement. And do you know what these nonprofits have in common? All of our projects with them have funded by grants or donations. Every. Single. One.

While we don’t take the lead in soliciting or applying to funding opportunities, we are happy to support you in your efforts to secure funding well before we ever enter into a contractual agreement. We don’t charge you for our work, but we do try to make investments selectively into opportunities that appear to be the most promising.

What To Look For

When looking for funding opportunities, you want to find the right fit between their goals and objectives compared with your own. In our experience, good funding matches for game-based learning usually involve one or many of the following:

  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Scale
  • Digital solutions
  • Learning and education
  • Measurable impact

How We Can Help

To give your potential funder the confidence that you’ll achieve the impact that you’ve promised, we are happy to be included in your application process as your partner. Filament Games has a rich 14 year history of making high-quality learning games that are both efficacious and engaging. To that end, we can augment your application with a treasure trove of writing, videos, images, and resumes that convey our past experience, qualifications, and methodology.

In addition to background material on Filament, we can work with you to develop a custom pitch for the funding request that not only describes the game but also explains why we believe it will help your organization achieve its goals. In addition to written content, we can also develop a custom high-fidelity piece of concept art to help the potential funder visualize the experience. Lastly, we can provide you a quote with a budget and duration to create the game. We are pros at following strict timelines, so be sure to let us know when you need things by so you can have everything you need by the time you need it!

Thinking of applying to a grant to fund your next game-based learning project? Submit a request and let’s get started.

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