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Production Methodology at Filament Games

For the past 18 years, we’ve been refining our abilities, expertise, and Agile approach to game development, consistently delivering captivating and high-quality games while adhering to deadlines and budgets. But how do we do it? Here’s an overview of our methodology.

To start, the graphic below shows a timeline of our comprehensive production process. Please note that the graphic shows an example and that the number of sprints in a given release may vary due to the distinct scope of each project.

Now that you’ve seen an overview, let’s cover each phase of a project in more detail!


We initiate each project with a 2-day kickoff period, bringing together all stakeholders to establish a solid foundation for our collaboration. During this kickoff, we leverage your specialized knowledge, your business model, and your grasp of your target audience to enhance the implementation of our effective game development practices. Furthermore, this period allows for discussions on the technical strategy and the refinement of team interaction preferences.


Building upon the brainstorming and exchanges from the initiation phase, our focus shifts towards deepening our comprehension of the project. Through collaborative efforts, we craft essential materials such as a game design document, wireframes, concept art, and a production plan. These elements contribute to the creation of a shared vision for the product.


Upon entering the development phase, we operate within 2-week sprints, grouped into 3 releases: Alpha, Beta, and Gold. Biweekly, formal video conferences are held with clients to assess progress over the last fortnight and strategize for the upcoming sprint. In addition to these structured meetings, our team members and clients engage in frequent ad-hoc communication.

By the time we reach the Alpha stage, our goal is to present a rudimentary playable version showcasing the primary game features. This phase involves internal playtesting with our team, assessment by the client’s group, and input from user testers within the target demographic. Given its early developmental status, the Alpha playtest often identifies areas for enhancement. We swiftly work on these areas to integrate the feedback into future sprints.

Advancing to the Beta stage, we aim to introduce a playable version of all game features, incorporating adjustments from the Alpha playtest. This stage is pivotal in validating the effectiveness of the changes for the intended learners. Nevertheless, sprints are allocated after the Beta playtest to facilitate further enhancements prior to the final release.

The Gold Release marks the public launch of the game. Depending on the intended platform, we deploy the game accordingly (e.g., embedding it on a chosen website or submitting it to platforms like the App Store or Google Play). We provide a standard 30-day warranty post-deployment for all our projects.

With a refined Agile approach, our methodology ensures efficient and impactful production. From the initial project kickoff to the Gold Release, each phase is intricately designed to foster collaboration, innovation, and responsiveness. If you’re interested in working with us to create an educational game, let us know! We want to hear from you. 

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