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A Look Back at Our 2018 Game Releases

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

At Filament Games, we strive to create playful experiences that improve people’s lives- that’s why we made it our mission statement! If there’s one thing we’ve mastered in our 13-year history, it’s creating meaningful and impactful learning games, training sims, apps, and AR/VR experiences across all platforms, age groups, and all subject areas – be sure to…

Medical Applications for Virtual Reality

Last time I checked in on the Virtual Reality space I was looking at VR projects that were creating a positive impact on the world, and I found no shortage of material, particularly in the domain of healthcare. Daring new uses of VR are everywhere you look in the medical industry, with the market expected…

VR Unplugged: A Look at the Oculus Go

Filament Games | Educational Game Developers

Expensive hardware costs have historically been cited as a factor behind VR’s slow but steady adoption among U.S. consumers – and this trend seems set to continue into the near future, with HTC recently unveiling their new professional-grade Vive Pro headset alongside its professional-grade price point: $799. While HTC attempts to corner the high-end, premium VR market,…

A Look at Publications International’s VR Explorations 2018

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Last year, we kicked off our partnership with Publications International in style by creating six VR experiences for their Virtual Reality Explorations book set – and they were an instant hit! ✨ One year – and a few other collaborations – later, VR Explorations is back with an all-new set of six books and accompanying VR apps: Food Science, How…

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