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Technical Considerations for Educational Game Design

The success of an educational game hinges on its technical foundation. At Filament, our approach to game design is built upon tailoring technical solutions to your project’s specific needs, ensuring usability, efficacy, and seamless deployment. In this article, we’ll break down the core technical considerations that guide our game design process.

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Tailored Technical Solutions

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, we embrace the uniqueness of each educational project. Our pre-contract discussions are aimed at understanding your development requirements and technical support needs. Whether you have an existing technical team or infrastructure, we align our services to complement and enhance what you already have. We pride ourselves on simplifying the technical aspect of your project while ensuring a robust and efficient implementation.

Shared Understanding, Jargon-Free

Technical expertise is not a prerequisite when working with us. Whether you’re a tech-savvy veteran or a newcomer to digital platforms, we collaborate to establish a shared understanding of your project’s requirements. We ensure that technical terms are demystified, offering you clear visibility and agency throughout the development process.

Seamless Integration

Our experienced team excels at integrating educational games into diverse environments. From custom backend architectures to Learning Management System (LMS) platforms and proprietary hardware, we design games that seamlessly fit and thrive within your ecosystem. The integration process ensures that the educational game becomes an integral part of your educational toolkit.

Account Management and eCommerce

If your project necessitates account management, user rostering, libraries, or eCommerce functionality, we have you covered. Our expertise in modern design conventions and User Experience (UX) standards empower us to build platforms that maximize user engagement and convenience. This translates to a holistic learning experience for your audience.

Hosting and App Store Support

Navigating the complexities of app store submissions and software hosting is a critical aspect of widespread web projects. Our team is prepared to guide your project through this intricate process, even managing developer accounts on your behalf. We handle the technical intricacies, allowing you to focus on delivering impactful educational content.

Collaboration with Your Tech Team

If you have an internal tech and development team, we’re eager to collaborate. Our seamless integration extends to your team’s architecture and approaches. By connecting us with your tech experts, we accelerate the synchronization process and expedite project development.

Scaling Game-Based Learning

With experience serving clients with user communities numbering in the millions, we bring a seasoned perspective to scaling game-based learning projects. If your aspirations involve large-scale deployment, our technical expertise ensures a smooth and seamless expansion.

Localization and Accessibility

In a global educational landscape, localization is key. Our games have been successfully translated into multiple languages and distributed worldwide. We understand that accessibility is crucial for equitable education. We design our technical solutions to address the unique needs of diverse learners, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Privacy and Legal Compliance

Educational projects often involve sensitive user data, particularly within K-12 institutions governed by COPPA and FERPA security protocols. Our commitment to privacy expertise guarantees that your users’ data is secure and that your platform adheres to legal standards.

Leveraging Proprietary Tools

Years of experience have led us to develop a suite of proprietary tools that enhance the educational game development process. These tools increase our efficiency, enabling us to deliver more value to your project within the same timeframe.

In summation, our approach focuses on collaboration, integration, scalability, accessibility, and legal compliance. Through shared understanding, seamless integration, and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, we empower our clients to deliver immersive and effective learning experiences to diverse groups of learners! As education and technology continue to evolve, we are here to provide the technical backbone that ensures educational games reach their full potential, fostering engaged and empowered learners.

Want to lay a strong foundation for a learning game? Contact us today! We have 18 years of industry experience and would love to help you build your project. 

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