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Alyssa Froehling

Using Digital Games to Teach STEM (Part 2)

In our last installment of Using Digital Games to Teach STEM, we covered how many of our games can foster skills in STEM. We’re still waiting for you to name a more iconic duo than video games and STEM! While we’re waiting, let’s dive into even more examples of video games that incorporate science, technology,…

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Educational Games and AI (Part 2)

We’ve been writing for a while now about how the future of game-based learning is upon us with tools such as VR and AI. via Giphy Whether AI is aiding teachers with assessments and cutting down on grading time, or helping to make education more accessible to all with tools such as AI tutors, or…

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Student-Created Educational Games

Video game enthusiasts live in an exciting time where game development is becoming more approachable than ever before for people of all ages — games themselves have the capability to teach game development skills, such as programming and design (among other future-facing skills). Around the world, school initiatives are encouraging students to grapple with and…

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

The Educational Games of Our Youth

Ah, sweet memories! via Giphy Previously, we’ve covered some shiny new educational games and gaming organizations that help build 21st century (future-facing) skills. From content creation to project-based learning, video games teach skills that are useful for a wide variety of careers. To further investigate how video games help us all grow, we asked our…

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