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Illustrated portrait of Brandon Pittser.

Brandon Pittser

Speed Sketch! Sennett Middle School

Earlier this year, Filament Games adopted Sennett Middle School, and it’s hard to believe it, but the first school year of our adoption is already over! We’ve already had a ton of amazing experiences with our friends at Sennett, and we can’t wait to see what the next school year brings. Until then, enjoy this…

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Speed Sketch! Halloween 2.0

Happy Halloween everyone! For this year’s Halloween Speed Sketch, Game Art Lead Natasha Soglin takes us on a hike through a colorful autumn forest scene. Natasha used both Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint for this sketch, so pay close attention to see if you can spot when she switches. It won’t be long until the…

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Inside RoboCo: Episodes #1-3

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we’ve been working on a game called RoboCo – a digital robotics sandbox for PC and VR. Though we’ve been underway for several years thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, RoboCo continues to evolve through our ongoing development efforts, and through…

RoboCo Game screenshot of a forklift robot

The Rise of Digital Distance Learning

As the pandemic recedes (sort of, in some places) and our lives resume a semblance of normalcy, a quick survey of the educational landscape shows that digital distance learning is having a moment. New approaches to the classroom, massive funding rounds for the latest modular courseware startups, video-first curricula that emphasize self-guided learning – the…

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How to Teach With Games

We spend a lot of time at Filament thinking about the best ways to use games in the classroom – our designers, engineers, and artists are all tirelessly invested in uncovering new ways that games can shine in a formal education setting. By far, our most reliable sources of inspiration are the teachers who are…

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