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Illustrated portrait of Dan White.

Dan White

Learning in the Metaverse

As a company that leverages video games in the service of learning, we get excited about technological advances that unlock novel ways to deliver digital play. Every new game development tool/hardware offers new affordances that facilitate new types of learning experiences and fuel our collective imagination. When HTML5 landed, we rejoiced at the prospect of…

Our Core Values

At Filament, we create playful experiences that improve people’s lives – today, we’re sharing a look at some of the core values that define our studio culture.

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Challenging Systems

I recently delivered a talk at the National Science Teachers Association entitled “Engagement Unlocked: Using Learning Games for STEM”. I began the presentation by disavowing the title because it suggests that, up to this point, engagement has been locked up and inaccessible in schools. That’s obviously not true. Yes, I remember having to memorize the…

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