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5 Amazing EdTech and Game-Based Learning Podcasts

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Close your eyes and picture your happy place. Imagine – you’re midway through your daily commute home, finally winding up to wind down after a long day at work. Or maybe you’re simply strolling through your neighborhood, getting your steps in while simultaneously taking in the familiar sights and sounds of the world around you. Or perhaps instead you’re lying on a beach, sun in your eyes, with absolutely nothing on your mind except how you’re going to spend the rest of your well-earned vacation. Beautiful, right? 

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Sure, these experiences are incredible all by themselves – but you know what could make them even better? Listening to an awesome podcast!

By now, you’re likely well aware that podcasts have become a rapidly growing method of media consumption, with an estimated 1 in 3 U.S. adults regularly listening to at least one podcast per month. These days, there is seemingly a podcast for everyone – from lovers of bugs and insects, to folks who crave strange stories and mysterious mysteries, and even dentistry professionals! And, of course, there are plenty of podcasts for educators and game-based learning professionals – which brings us to the topic of today’s blog!

Check out the below roundup of five high-quality EdTech and games for learning podcasts, then let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we missed any of your favorites! ⤵️

The EdSurge On Air Podcast

The EdSurge On Air Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of education. Hosted by EdSurge senior editor Jeffery R. Young, this weekly podcast features interviews with high-profile figures such as Sal Khan (Founder, Khan Academy), John Couch (Former VP of Education, Apple), and Angela Duckworth (Author, Grit) – legends in the EdTech space. If you’re seeking insightful discussion and commentary on the intersection of technology and education, I’ve got good news: you’ve got approximately 250 episodes of EdSurge On Air waiting for you right now.

OnEducation Podcast

A border-defying podcast hosted by education experts Mike Washburn and Glen Irvin (hailing from Canada and the United States, respectively), OnEducation is a fantastic source for candid, weekly conversations on all things education – EdTech, policy, classroom management, grading, oh my! Even cooler – Mike and Glen often travel to EdTech events like ISTE and Serious Play to provide their listeners with exclusive interviews and insights into what’s what at these cutting-edge conferences. 

The Filament Games Podcast

We have a special place in our hearts for the Filament Games Podcast…after all, it’s our baby! Three seasons deep (with more on the way soon 🤫), each episode of the FGP stars co-hosts Brandon Pittser and Dan Norton (alongside a new guest each episode), and features wholesome discussion of trending EdTech and game-based learning news, what’s new at Filament Games, and other topics relevant to the world of games and AR/VR for learning. 

The Psychology of Video Games

Hosted by author and psychology Ph.D. Jamie Madigan, The Psychology of Video Games is a research-focused podcast that explores the intertwined relationship between the field of psychology and digital gaming. Straddling the line between entertainment and scholarship, past podcast episodes have examined topics like the psychology underlying “good” game design, the impact of loot boxes and gambling on a player’s psyche, as well as the neuroscience behind the field we all know and love: game-based learning.

The House of #EdTech Podcast

We’ve got one final podcast to highlight on our list – the popular House of #EdTech Podcast hosted by tech-savvy educator Christopher J. Nesi! Designed to offer listeners an inside look at the many ways that technology is impacting education today (and beyond!), the podcast features interviews with EdTech industry experts, reflections and insights from real-world educators, and helpful resources for folks seeking extra support when integrating new tech into their classrooms. 

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