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The Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 2)!

Three years have gone by. You’ve been patiently waiting. It’s finally here. This time, it isn’t April – so you don’t have to wonder if we’re fooling around at all. 🔥Say hello to the Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 2)🔥 Like the first installment, this mixtape was composed and arranged by Josh Bartels, Filament’s Audio and…

The Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 1)!

It might be April Fool’s Day, but we’re not fooling around here: we just dropped a 🔥🔥 mixtape on SoundCloud, and it’s called the Filament Games Mixtape (Vol. 1)! Composed and arranged by Josh Bartels, the Filament Mixtape is packed with some of the hottest tracks in learning game history. Featuring timeless classics like the “Filament Overture,” “The…

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Resource Roundup: Game Design and Development Colleges in Wisconsin

To those paying attention, it’s no secret that Madison, Wisconsin is home to a growing cluster of video game development studios – a phenomenon that we see occurring throughout the greater state, too. With the number of local community gaming events like M+DEV Conference, Madison FemDev, and Indie Arcade increasing each year, there has never been a…

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Resource Roundup: How to Get Hired at a Game Studio

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reports that the US video game industry generated $36 billion in revenue in 2017, a growth of 18% from the prior year. With 2,000+ video game developers and publishers directly employing over 65,000 individuals across all 50 U.S. states (seriously, find out who’s near you using this handy interactive map),…

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Highlights from a Decade of Learning Games

What does a decade of learning games look like? Filament Games has been around making learning games and taking names since 2005, which was so long ago that smartphones weren’t even a thing at the time. A lot has changed about the world since then, and correspondingly, a lot has changed about how we design…

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Get to Know a Sound Designer: An Interview with Josh Bartels

The great thing about Filament Games is that you have the opportunity to interact with amazingly talented people everyday. Our studio is made up of highly creative people that contribute to every aspect of the game design process. Because of our exceptionally talented team members, we’re able to take a game from conception to completion…

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