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Gaming for a Good Cause: More Nonprofits You Should Support

Gaming has the power to entertain, educate, and inspire! It can also be a force for good, serving as a platform for nonprofits to raise awareness and funds for their causes. A little while back, we highlighted a few charities that use gaming as a tool for social impact. In this post, we will introduce you to even more organizations that are leveraging the power of gaming for good!

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Gamers Outreach

Gamers Outreach is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the hospitalization experience for children by providing them with access to video games. They believe that play is essential for children’s well-being, and work to ensure that every pediatric hospital is equipped to provide gaming activities alongside medical care. They offer portable gaming kiosks called GO Karts and partner with healthcare experts to create sustainable solutions that reinforce staff familiarity with games. Gamers Outreach invites gamers to join their monthly giving community, The GRID, to help provide gaming to children and families in hospitals all year round.

Game Devs of Color

Game Devs of Color is the nonprofit behind The Game Devs of Color Expo, an event dedicated to showcasing and supporting game creators of color. Beyond organizing events, this organization provides access to knowledge, funding, and opportunities to help creators of color amplify their creative power in the games industry. They have partnered with major gaming companies and have given over $250,000 in grants to game developers of color. The organization was founded in 2016 by Catt Small and Chris Algoo and The Game Devs of Color Expo has since grown in attendance and engagement each year!

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that aims to close the gender gap in technology by teaching girls computing skills and preparing them for new entry-level tech jobs. They provide online resources, campaigns, and in-person events such as summer programs, clubs, and college and career programs. They are reaching girls around the world and have a goal to close the gender gap by 2030. The organization values diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to its mission.


If you read our latest post on accessibility and assistive technology, you’ll already know that SpecialEffect is a nonprofit organization that aims to transform the lives of people with physical disabilities through the innovative use of technology. Their mission is to optimize inclusion, enjoyment, and quality of life for people with disabilities by making video games more accessible to everyone. They create bespoke control setups for hundreds of individuals each year and develop freely available resources and solutions to help level the playing field for gamers with physical challenges all over the world.

Their work extends beyond gaming, including using eye-gaze technology to bring communication, independence, and hope to people in intensive care units, and using telepresence robots to reconnect medically isolated children with their education and friends. They offer free online resources, and advice, as well as collaborate with game developers to improve the motor accessibility of their games. 


Stack-Up is a military charity that supports veterans through gaming. They provide video game care packages, gaming consoles, and other support services to active-duty military personnel and veterans. They also organize gaming events and activities to help combat social isolation and promote camaraderie among service members. By using gaming as a tool for mental health and social support, Stack-Up aims to improve the lives of veterans and their families.

Women in Games International

Women in Games International (WIGI) is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote economic equality and diversity in the global games industry. WIGI has been active since 2005 and focuses on highlighting and celebrating women, femme-identifying, and nonbinary professionals in the industry. They achieve this through various programs, newsletters, panels, workshops, and networking events, all aimed at normalizing diversity in the games industry and increasing representation.

We hope this list of incredible nonprofits has left you inspired and motivated to create a world where everyone is free to play! Gaming has the power to not only entertain and educate but also to create social impact and positive change. The organizations mentioned in this post are just a few examples of nonprofits that use gaming to support various causes, from improving the lives of veterans and hospitalized children to promoting diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. 

Through innovative use of technology and gaming, these organizations are making a difference and helping individuals and communities thrive. By supporting these initiatives and promoting gaming as a tool for good, we can create a better world for everyone!

If you’re interested in using game-based learning for a positive impact, we’re educational game developers and we want to work with you. Contact us and let’s chat about your project!

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