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January Wrap-up – What’s New in 2022

The beginning of each year is always brimming with possibilities and potential! This month on the blog, we focused on the latest and greatest technology and game-based learning news, while keeping a focus on the horizon. As an educational game developer, we consider it our sworn duty to keep readers of our blog informed on the present state of game-based learning, and looking forward to the innovation to come! For any guarantees about the future, however, we’re afraid you’ll have to turn to the Jonas Brothers because they have actually been to the Year 3000.

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Have any game-based learning predictions or news of your own to share? Or want to tell us, “Hey, what about British pop-punk band Busted? They went to the Year 3000 first!”? Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Now, here’s a wrap-up of all of the tech and news we covered this month! 

What’s New Right Now

What’s New in Game-based Learning – January 2022

At the beginning of the month, we covered noteworthy game-based learning news from the very end of 2021. This roundup included an up-and-coming educational metaverse company, an EdTech non-profit company winning big, games for impact created by university students, a dose of 70s nostalgia, and a new way to teach history (with video games, of course). What legendary educational game just turned 50? How does playing Civilization IV raise grades? What is an educational metaverse company, anyway?! The answers to all these questions and more can be found in the January installment of our What’s New in Game-based Learning series

What’s New in Gaming Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Accessibility in gaming still has a long way to go – but the good news is that new solutions and technology are emerging frequently to create more accessible gaming experiences for all. Earlier this month, we highlighted a gaming accessibility conference, a free gaming accessibility course, and games that pushed industry accessibility standards forward. We also covered how companies like Xbox and studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games are pushing gaming accessibility forward with their products and approaches to game design. If you’re curious about the advances of accessible technology in 2021 or want to take a free gaming accessibility course, head on over to our post on What’s New in Gaming Accessibility and Assistive Technology!   

What To Look Forward To

5 Educational Games We’re Excited to Play in 2022

One of the best parts about being a video game enthusiast is that there are always new releases to look forward to. Personally, we can’t wait to launch Kerbals into space, write pen pal letters during a coming-of-age journey, rock out in our living rooms, cook for ghosts, and try our hand managing international affairs for the U.S. government! Confused by this eclectic list of activities? For clarity and more details, check out this list of the learning games we are most excited to play in 2022!

Top Game-Based Learning Conferences to Attend in 2022

There’s even more to look forward to this year, not only when it comes to game releases, but also when it comes to events! Though we are still very much in a pandemic, never fear: hybrid and virtual options are available for many of the best game-based learning conferences this year. Having trouble finding conferences to go to, or picking which events to attend? Check out our guide to the Top Game-Based Learning Conferences to Attend in 2022! It has all the details you need, all in one place. 

Predictions, Projections, and Prognostications

EdTech Predictions for 2022

At the dawn of each new year, we gather up all of our industry knowledge to bring you educated guesses on where the EdTech and educational gaming industry is headed. This year, we covered three hot topics: hybrid/remote learning, the metaverse, and esports. While we won’t spoil our predictions here, we do think that these three topics are going to be ones you continue to hear about all throughout 2022. We’re eager to see how educational games, XR, and other modes of EdTech continue to evolve and adapt in the classroom, the workplace, and beyond! Want all of the details on our projections for this year? Head over to our EdTech Predictions for 2022!

The Future of the Metaverse for Learning

As we just mentioned, the metaverse is a hot topic and a new and emerging term to many. It may come as a surprise that in the U.S., the metaverse for learning is already in use in several places across the country. We took a closer look at how the metaverse is emerging in educational spaces, from K-12 classrooms to college campuses. What is the metaverse for education, and how does it work? What does it look like now, and where is it headed? We’ve answered these questions about The Future of the Metaverse for Learning to the best of our ability! While no one has all the answers about the future of the metaverse, we do know one thing: that the future must be a place where students come first.

The Future of Digital Robotics

Concluding this monthly recap is something near and dear to our hearts: digital robotics! The end of 2021 was a busy time for us here at Filament, as we launched the inaugural FIRST® Global RoboCo Challenge in November. We gathered teams from over 30 countries to compete in this first-of-its-kind digital robotics competition – and we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to take part in The Future of Digital Robotics, a reality where no travel costs, pandemic worries, or other physical barriers can inhibit engineers, tinkerers, and creators of all kinds from building the bots of their dreams. 

There you have it! This month on the blog was all about shiny new tech and what the future may hold. Though we may not have access to a time machine like Nick, Joe, and Kevin, it’s always fun to participate in another year of imaginative learning as it comes. Looking to create a shiny new educational video game of your own? You’re in the right place!

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