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5 Educational Games We’re Excited to Play in 2022

🚨Attention – this is not a drill! Those once far-off release dates are getting closer and closer!🚨 A new year means new games, and we don’t know about you, but we are excited already just looking at a small sample of what 2022 has to offer when it comes to educational games!

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As an educational game developer ourselves, we consider it our solemn duty to keep you updated on all the latest and greatest trends in game-based learning. This week, we’ve decided to highlight some of our most anticipated educational games of 2022. This roundup of upcoming games has a bit of everything – from games about cooking to penpals to international relations! You’ll also find, as you read along, that this list rocks.🎸

Check out our picks below, and be sure to shout out other titles you’re looking forward to over on our Facebook and Twitter!

Kerbal Space Program 2 

2022 is finally here, which means this year is the year – the year that Kerbal Space Program 2 is finally released! We couldn’t help mentioning this game in last year’s list of games we’re excited to play, and for good reason! The first installment is one of the most critically acclaimed learning games of all time, and the sequel boasts a host of new and exciting features: improved tutorials for new players, new technology, and a long-awaited multiplayer mode, to name a few! There is no specific date set for the game’s release yet, but we will be keeping an eye out, since Kerbal Space Program 2 is set to launch sometime during 2022! 🚀

Letters – A Written Adventure

Letters – A Written Adventure is an upcoming title from 5am Games, a three-woman indie studio. When we first saw the trailer, we were reminded of Sketchbook Games’ Lost Words: Beyond the Page, winner of the 2021 Games for Change Most Innovative, Best Gameplay Award, and a game we featured in our holiday gift guide! If you enjoyed that game and are itching for more English/Language Arts learning games, 2022 is here to deliver! Like Lost Words, Letters – A Written Adventure features a young, female protagonist who discovers the power of words through puzzles and the relationships with people around her. But instead of taking place in one girl’s journal, this game takes place in, well… letters! Discover and shape the main character Sarah’s life by writing letters to her pen pal. While there is no exact release date available for this game either, the projected release time is early 2022, and you can play the demo on Steam now!


We recently covered some music education learning games here on the blog, and here is another to add to that list! Rocksmith+ is Ubisoft’s follow-up to Rocksmith, a guitar learning game that requires a real instrument and allows a player to learn at their own pace. Rocksmith+ includes real-time feedback, tools to help customize a player’s learning experience (such as Adaptive Difficulty, Riff Repeater, and more), and a vast library of songs so everyone can learn bass, acoustic, or electric guitar along to their favorite music. Originally set to release in 2021, the developers announced last fall that the release date had been pushed to 2022 to “incorporate user feedback” from its summer 2021 closed beta testing. 2022 is going to rock!

Lost Recipes

Looking to incorporate some VR learning games into your life? Schell Games is launching a historical cooking simulator with Oculus Quest in 2022! This game involves time travel to Ancient Greece, Medieval China, and 16th century Maya, as players learn and discover historically accurate recipes, cooking techniques, and tools from each time period. Players are guided by ghosts, voiced by native speakers, on their way to becoming the best Ghost Chef of all time. Lost Recipes is a game for history enthusiasts and foodies alike!

iCivics – Convene the Council: The Foreign Policy Game

Convene the Council: The Foreign Policy Game is our newest project in collaboration with our friends at iCivics, and we’re hyped to share it with you this year! Like iCivics: Executive Command, this game gives players the role of the President of the United States, but this game specifically focuses on foreign policy. Players monitor global events, convene the National Security Council, decide each course of action, and manage the response. Can they advance U.S. priorities by balancing security, prosperity, and values, all while winning public approval and furthering their chosen agenda? Middle schoolers and high schoolers will learn more about the role of the president in international relations this year with iCivics! 

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