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Our Favorite Online Game-based Learning Publications

Extra, extra, read all about it! And in case it wasn’t obvious, it is game-based learning. Whether you’re a knowledge-hungry learner, an educator scouting for insights, or a tech aficionado craving the latest trends, this lineup of publications serves up a blend of education, technology, and gaming that’s bound to inspire you!

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From influential news hubs to engaging blogs and immersive newsletters, let us introduce you to some of the best game-based learning publications that are guaranteed to set your enthusiasm for innovative education ablaze.🔥

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eSchool News

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Established in 1998, eSchool News is a digital hub dedicated to educational technology from various perspectives. Drawing over 500,000 monthly unique visitors, including 280,000 registered members, it caters to decision-makers in K-20 education, aiming to seamlessly integrate technology and the internet into North American schools and colleges.

Their mission revolves around empowering educators by utilizing technology to elevate learning experiences. They feature the latest news, resources, reports, and tools for the effective integration of technology within educational systems. Additionally, eSchool News fosters a collaborative environment for educators to exchange information, ideas, and best practices.


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Edutopia is a trusted resource that highlights effective practices in education. They share ways to adopt or modify best practices and showcase stories of innovation and ongoing learning in real-world scenarios. Their core strategies are centered around envisioning a world of education where students become lifelong learners and develop 21st-century skills

Edutopia believes that transforming education is essential for the advancement of humanity and aims to empower students, parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and the community with a shared vision to bring about positive change in education. They not only present this vision but also offer the necessary information, evidence, and community connections to turn it into a reality!

EdTech Digest

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EdTech Digest’s scope extends across various educational stages and sectors, ranging from pre-K and early childhood education to K-12, higher education, skills development, workforce training, and lifelong learning. This encompasses education-focused technology companies, organizations within the education technology sector (including nonprofits), and thought leaders in both the technology and education fields.

The EdTech Digest team is comprised of experienced editors, writers, and contributors with a combined wealth of over 2,000 years of involvement in the edtech realm. Since 2010, they’ve shared their insights through more than 1 million words, showcasing their extensive experience spanning decades in the field.

EdTech Magazine

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EdTech Magazine stands as a significant publication where education and technology converge. With educators, administrators, and IT leaders in mind, this publication thoroughly explores the realm of educational technology. Covering various academic levels from K-12 to higher education, the magazine offers insights into cutting-edge tools, emerging e-learning trends, cybersecurity, equity considerations, and effective implementation strategies. Through both its print and online platforms, EdTech Magazine empowers education professionals with crucial insights, enabling them to navigate the evolving landscape of technology-enhanced learning and make well-informed decisions for their students and institutions.

THE Journal

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Since its launch in 1972, THE Journal has been at the forefront of edtech news. This publication is a dedicated digital resource that aims to inform and educate senior-level district and school administrators, IT professionals, technologists, and tech-savvy educators within the K–12 education sector. THE Journal offers daily news updates on its website and also distributes information through newsletters, webinars, and virtual summits that spotlight edtech trends and their impact on K–12 education in the United States.


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EdSurge is a digital news and research magazine that strives to ignite curiosity about education through compelling storytelling. This publication offers in-depth analysis and human-centered insights into the world of teaching and learning. Rooted in the experiences of educators and learners, EdSurge identifies trends, problems, and solutions that shape educational experiences, considering the implications for educators, learners, and society as a whole. EdSurge covers various subjects related to early childhood education, K-12, and higher education. Their 2023 focus includes topics like youth mental health, student engagement, the education workforce, demographic shifts, and affordability. 


Games for Change Blog

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The Games for Change blog serves as a dynamic platform at the intersection of gaming and social impact. With a focus on harnessing the power of games for positive change, the blog explores how video games and interactive media can be utilized to address real-world challenges, promote social awareness, and drive meaningful conversations. 

Through insightful articles, this blog sheds light on innovative game-based initiatives that tackle pressing global issues, foster learning, and inspire activism. Whether it’s spotlighting thought-provoking game designs, discussing the potential of virtual reality for education, or sharing success stories of games with a purpose, the Games for Change blog provides a space for both game enthusiasts and advocates of social change to explore the synergies between play and meaningful impact.

iThrive Games Blog

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The iThrive Games blog is dedicated to exploring the intersection of gaming and mental health. Through a thoughtful and insightful lens, this blog investigates how video games can be harnessed as tools for emotional well-being, personal growth, and fostering resilience. 

By examining the psychological aspects of gameplay, sharing personal stories, and highlighting the therapeutic potential of game experiences, the iThrive Games blog offers a unique perspective on how interactive media can contribute to improving mental health. With a focus on promoting positive discussions, self-care, and empathy through gaming, this blog creates a space where gamers, mental health advocates, and educators can engage in meaningful conversations and discover the profound connections between virtual worlds and real-life well-being.


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The ISTE blog, an integral part of the International Society for Technology in Education‘s (ISTE) website, is a treasure trove of top-tier educational technology content and resources. While the renowned ISTE Conference and Expo might be their most recognized endeavor, their blog is equally impressive! Covering an array of subtopics such as digital citizenship, personalized learning, and tools, devices, and apps, this blog offers a wealth of knowledge on game-based learning, edtech, and more.


Immersive Wire

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This publication has become a go-to source for those curious about the future of the internet! The Immersive Wire, a platform rooted in the UK, dives deep into the emerging metaverse. Notably recognized by global senior leaders, the Immersive Wire offers a concise yet insightful breakdown of impactful news accompanied by expert analyses. Through its weekly newsletter, this platform provides readers with a closer look into professional discussions surrounding the metaverse and immersive technology. Spearheaded by Tom Ffiske, a seasoned authority in immersive technologies with a track record dating back to 2016, the Immersive Wire is a trusted gateway into innovation and digital evolution.

It would seem that you have some websites to surf and some reading to do, so we’ll wrap this up! Each platform we’ve showcased here brings its own unique spin to the game-based learning and edtech space—whether it’s dissecting the intricacies of educational technology, harnessing the power of games for positive societal impact, or uncovering the psychological dimensions of gaming. As you take a deep dive into these reservoirs of wisdom, brace yourself for fresh perspectives, smart strategies, and a deeper understanding of game-based learning’s potential to revolutionize education! 

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