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Project Roundup: English Language Arts Games by Filament Games

As an award-winning game development company that specializes in creating educational games, we have developed numerous games designed to teach English Language Arts (ELA). Whether you are a teacher looking for engaging resources to supplement your ELA curriculum, a student eager to improve your language skills through play, or an organization interested in creating an educational ELA game, this roundup will provide insights into our ELA games and their benefits for learners! 

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Scholastic W.O.R.D. by Scholastic

Scholastic W.O.R.D. is an educational program that focuses on reading and vocabulary for children in grades K-5. The program is based on the research of Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert, who identified the 2,500 most common word families that make up 90% of all texts. Through games and written passages, students progress through a guided program that provides repeated exposure to these high-utility words and their meanings in multiple contexts. The program is organized by grade level and thematic modules with associated word lists, and each module starts with a placement test to personalize the learning path for each student. This approach ensures that students are introduced to the same vocabulary at the appropriate level, creating a zone of proximal development for learning.

Digital Handwriting by Zaner-Bloser

Digital Handwriting is a game we designed with our friends at Zaner-Bloser. This game helps players learn and practice handwriting using touchscreen controls. Players progress through characters and phrases, learning both manuscript and cursive writing. Digital Handwriting emphasizes correct stroke order and motion to create characters, while also teaching players to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters. The game aims to provide a sensory experience of handwriting through digital means.

Little Grasshopper Library by Publications International

The Little Grasshopper Library is a collection of printed books and free apps designed for young children. The stories feature modern and captivating illustrations. Children can interact with the stories in multiple ways, such as tapping the “Hear It” button to listen to the story with sound effects, tapping the “Read It” button to follow along with the words as they change color and hear more sound effects by touching the pictures, and tapping the “Play It” button to play learning games related to the story. The technical architecture for the app collection was developed by us!

Laureate Learning by Attainment Company

Our friends at Attainment Company commissioned us to convert the Laureate Learning series of games for English language learners from CD-ROM to Unity. The four titles selected for this project are “First Words,” “First Words II,” “Simple Sentence Structure,” and “First Verbs.” In all of these games, the player is presented with a prompt and must choose the correct answer. The program also includes a feature that tracks how long the player engages with the game and their performance, which can be reviewed by the player or a teacher/caregiver. The games are all part of a single product, and the player can choose which game or level they want to play.

Square Panda by Square Panda

Square Panda is a phonics playset that uses multi-sensory play and early reading pedagogy to facilitate learning. The playset comes with 45 tactile Smart Letter toys that connect via Bluetooth to a suite of compatible Square Panda games. We developed three of these games: “Bubbles,” “Jiggity Jamble,” and “Monster Rhymes.” The games are optimized for the Square Panda platform, which uniquely combines mobile technology with physical toy-like inputs. Filament worked closely with Square Panda to create playful experiences that take advantage of this custom hardware!

We’re dedicated to creating high-quality educational games that engage learners in exciting and meaningful ways. Our ELA games are designed to foster language development, literacy skills, and a love for learning. Through game-based learning, we strive to provide an innovative approach to education that appeals to students of all ages and learning styles. We hope that this roundup has given you a glimpse into a handful of the ELA games we’ve created and provided you with useful insights into our approach to game-based learning. We look forward to continuing our mission of creating fun and effective educational games that inspire learners and educators alike!

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