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Project Roundup: Healthcare Games by Filament Games

In recent years, games have become an increasingly popular tool for healthcare education and training. We’re excited to be at the forefront of creating unique and effective healthcare tools, and collaborating with fascinating clients with inspirational visions for the future of healthcare

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In this project roundup, we’ll explore three of our healthcare game offerings. A couple of these games are designed to assist healthcare professionals and students in enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilities. One of these games is designed to assess a player’s well-being. Before we jump into all of the details though, be sure to give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss an update from us. Don’t have time to read the whole post right now? You might as well bookmark this page too!


First up is a puzzle game we created in collaboration with West Coast University. Medibytes is a mobile game that has been specifically designed to aid nursing students in enhancing their proficiency in medical terminology. Players are given the opportunity to become a part of a university-run AI project, where they assume the role of a student responsible for teaching a fictional general AI a small slice of medical terminology.

Throughout the game, players are required to complete various activities to help the AI gain knowledge. In between activities, players must organize and study the material that is directly linked to the AI’s understanding of medical terminology. This process not only helps players in teaching the AI but also deepens and reinforces their understanding of medical terminology. With its playful approach, Medibytes makes learning medical terminology a more enjoyable and effective process for students!

Healthy Minds Measures App

When thinking about healthcare, don’t forget that it includes mental health too! The Healthy Minds Measures App is a smartphone application we created with our friends at HealthyMinds Innovations to assess and evaluate the emotional well-being of high school students. Made up of three minigames, this app has been crafted to gauge the user’s attention regulation, attitudes toward strangers, and sense of relatedness.

The app’s primary goal is to be utilized as part of a school-wide mental well-being assessment, with the results from the app being used to inform future well-being interventions in schools and after-school programs. The target audience for the app is high school students ages 14-18.

The Healthy Minds Measures App offers a beneficial and practical tool for the assessment and improvement of the well-being of high school students. Through gaming, students can develop a better understanding of their emotional states while also enabling school employees to identify areas of concern and offer targeted interventions for students.

Saving Lives!

Last but certainly not least is Saving Lives!, a healthcare learning game designed for medical professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in performing CPR based on American Heart Association guidelines. In this game we created with AppClinic, players administer CPR to a simulated patient in an emergency scenario, providing them with the opportunity to practice their foundational CPR and basic life support skillsets.

Throughout the game, players will receive contextualized feedback in real time as the patient’s status changes based on their performance. This feedback will help players internalize the proper procedures and compression rate required for CPR. The game also provides experience in using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to resuscitate unresponsive patients.

Saving Lives! is a practical learning tool that enables medical professionals to enhance their CPR skills in a safe and controlled environment. By providing players with real-time signals and a simulated emergency scenario, the game helps to reinforce best practices for CPR and basic life support.

Our healthcare offerings demonstrate that games are an effective tool for healthcare education and training. Whether it’s aiding nursing students, assessing the emotional states of high school students, or helping people to enhance their CPR skills, these games offer practical solutions for students, professionals, and anyone interested in investing in their well-being and the well-being of others! With the increasing prevalence of technology in almost every area of our daily lives, it is clear that games will continue to play an important role in healthcare education, training, and management.

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