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QA, Games, and AI

Welcome back to our series on AI and its impact on game development at Filament! In previous installments, we’ve explored how AI is changing (or not changing) various aspects of our process, from design to A/V to production. Today, we’re investigating the relationship between quality assurance and AI. Luckily, we recently sat down with Brian Czech, our Quality Assurance Manager, to discuss the current landscape of AI in game QA!

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Current AI Usage in QA at Filament Games

While there are some ways AI can currently be integrated into QA workflows, Brian shares with us that our QA process currently doesn’t rely on any AI tool or automated testing. “It really boils down to the unique nature of our projects,” he explains. “Educational game development is an agile and dynamic process, with frequent iterations and changes along the way. This makes traditional automated testing tricky to implement effectively.”

Brian emphasizes that crafting valuable test scenarios is a time and effort-intensive process, requiring the expertise of human QA professionals. “While AI could potentially lend a hand in generating a broader range of scenarios, the creation of truly meaningful tests still demands a significant investment of time and brainpower.” he says.

Now, you might be thinking, But what about AI QA for large game studios or other software industries? And you’re right – automated testing and AI integration might be a better fit for those contexts. “For our current business model and project scope, it presents some challenges,” Brian tells us. “Even for our bigger projects, such as Robot Champions or RoboCo, any changes made to the game could throw automated tests for a loop, requiring constant upkeep and adjustments that would not save any time overall for the Filament QA team.”

Considerations and Challenges

What are some other considerations related to AI that our QA Manager has on his mind? “I’m really curious about how testing AI projects will shape up in the future, particularly when it comes to building test cases to evaluate AI within games,” Brian shares. “It’s a complex task, and frankly, I’m not entirely sure how it will play out just yet.”

Another important point to keep in mind, Brian highlights, is that companies can be held accountable for the output generated by their AI systems. “This responsibility extends to QA, where the main objective is to catch and prevent mistakes,” he says. “QA is all about being careful and detail-oriented, and at this stage, I’m not fully convinced that AI can be relied upon to catch errors or avoid introducing new ones.”

The Future of AI in QA

Looking ahead, Brian sees some exciting potential for AI to streamline certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the QA process. “Take writing bug reports, for example – it’s a vital part of the job, but it can be a slog,” he says. “While maintaining accuracy is still key, AI could potentially provide a starting point to help lighten the load.”

Moreover, Brian believes that AI could be a valuable ally in generating a wider array of test scenarios. “This could enable QA professionals to cast a wider net and spot potential issues more efficiently,” he explains. “However, as with any new technology, the integration of AI in QA will require careful consideration and validation to ensure it’s reliable and effective.”

While AI may not be a central part of our current QA workflow, we’re keeping our minds open and our curiosity piqued!  We’re committed to exploring innovative ways to leverage AI to enhance the quality and efficiency of our testing processes, all while carefully navigating the ethical implications that come with this powerful technology.

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