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Resource Roundup: Behind-the-Scenes at Filament Games

This month on the blog, we welcomed readers behind the scenes at Filament Games. From insider information to all-star interviews, read on to discover why we love what we do (and how you can join us)! 

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Top 10 Reasons to Work at Filament Games 2022

There’s a lot of love about working for Filament Games! This blog post contains 10 reasons why you should consider pursuing a career at Filament. From our exceptional clients to our flexible work hours, we work hard, play hard, and create playful experiences that improve people’s lives. If you’re looking for a career in creating meaningful educational games with impact, check out these 10 reasons why Filament is the premier place to be!

A Day in the Life of a Game Engineer

In this blog, we had the opportunity to sit down with Senior Game Engineer Allison Salmon to discuss what being a Filament game engineer is all about! Allison told us about her career path from educational games to AAA games and back, her typical day and leadership responsibilities, and all the advice she has for aspiring game engineers. If you’re looking to take your engineering career to Filament Games, this is a must-read!

A Day in the Life of a 3D Artist

Next, we sat down with 3D Generalist Demetri Sofides to talk about his creative process, specifically for our upcoming game RoboCo! In this blog, Demetri walks us through a RoboCo level and all of the thought, creativity, and detail that goes into creating a rich environment in a video game.  From where his inspiration comes from to how he creates interactive 3D assets, Demetri takes readers behind the scenes of both RoboCo and a day in the life of a 3D Generalist at an educational game studio. Aspiring 3D artists don’t want to miss this interview!

Behind the Scenes at an Educational Game Developer: Game Engineer Edition

This month we also featured a physics-focused episode of Inside RoboCo, a behind-the-scenes developer series where we give viewers a sneak peek into the features of the game. In the video, Game Engineer Carter Williams answers all sorts of questions, including “What is the difference between real-world physics and RoboCo physics?” and “How do you test the physics in RoboCo?” If you’re curious about how game engineers go about translating real-world physics into video games, go check out the post! 

10 Things You Should Know About Filament Games

Whether you’re a regular reader of the blog or you just found us today, we bet there’s something you don’t know about our company! Become an expert in Filament Games trivia with this post that covers our humble beginnings, our biggest role model, our core values, our five principles for excellent game design, our academic ties to the world of game-based learning, and an extra fun fact about our CEO and CCO. 

Tada – that was your behind-the-scenes look at our studio! We hope you learned something new and felt inspired to take your career to the next level. You can keep up with Filament on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! Don’t forget to check out our careers page and see if there are any open positions that are a good fit for you. If you’re interested in partnering with us to create an educational game of your own, you can contact us here! 

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