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The Balancing Act: Including Others in Your Designs

Designers, we are not the only ones with ideas and solutions. There is a careful balance we must maintain between designing features by ourselves and gathering the developer’s ideas and feedback. A game is a bajillion times better when it’s the combination of everyone’s creativity. It’s the kind of thing that’s obvious in theory but…

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How to Make a Video Game for Learning: Costs and Considerations

Game creation is more complicated than portrayed in Game Dev Story. I’m going to explain just how complicated it can be, but I have a few caveats: I can’t walk through every possible game feature (there are many and we make new ones all the time). I can’t provide a standard menu of features either,…

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Introducing The Filament Games Podcast!

Welcome to the Filament Games Podcast! Co-hosts Dan Norton and Brandon Pittser bring you trending game industry news, the inside scoop on Filament Games, and enough entertainment and sports talk to fill your week. We’ve released seven episodes for your listening enjoyment. New episodes are available weekly on our blog and downloadable through SoundCloud, iTunes, and…

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