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A 2023 Holiday Buyer’s Guide to Educational Games

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to consider thoughtful gifts that not only entertain, but also educate! In a world brimming with technology and screens, educational games offer a unique blend of fun and learning, making them ideal gifts for both children and adults

Our 2023 Holiday Buyer’s Guide to Educational Games contains a selection of captivating titles that go beyond conventional gaming. These games not only provide entertainment but also expand your knowledge, challenge your problem-solving abilities, and transport you to immersive digital worlds with real-world relevance. Let’s unwrap this year’s list of gifts that keep on giving!

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World of Haiku

World of Haiku is a cyberpunk RPG where players’ survival hinges on their hacking prowess. As they step into the shoes of a freelance hacker team operative, players find themselves in a world where adaptability and skill refinement are their most potent weapons against the relentless megacorporations and government entities battling for dominance. Each in-game mission presents an opportunity for players to go deeper into the inner workings of the digital domain, granting them command over cyber tools like JohnTheRipper and Nmap. 

What sets World of Haiku apart is its real-world applicability, as everything players master within the game translates into tangible skills, giving them a significant advantage in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hacker, this game provides an immersive experience that will keep players perpetually engrossed (and learning about cybersecurity!). 

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia

For the young learners in your life, Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia is an exploration and educational adventure where players navigate the natural world alongside a charming mouse. With stunning hand-painted graphics and interactive features, this game sparks the curiosity of aspiring explorers. 

Wander through captivating environments, including the mouse’s burrow, forest, garden, and pond, to discover over 160 unique species of animals and plants. The game encourages learning through a fun and engaging experience, offering informative cards with facts and drawings. Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia also supports multiple languages and provides a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and natural sounds. 

Endling – Extinction is Forever

In this emotionally charged eco-conscious game, players are the last fox surviving in a world decimated by humanity’s destructive actions. Traversing 3D side-scrolling landscapes, they’ll witness the ongoing devastation caused by pollution, resource exploitation, and environmental degradation. Their mission is not only to protect their tiny furball companions but also to nurture them, taking note of their distinct personalities and fears while ensuring their survival. 

Players can utilize the cover of night to guide their litter to safety and hunker down in improvised shelters during the day, making each movement a calculated decision in the struggle for survival. As they explore environments inspired by real-world ecological issues, they’ll hunt for sustenance, confront heart-wrenching decisions, and seek new shelters to shield their family from threats, all while caring for their kits and teaching them essential skills to enhance their resilience.


In Common’hood, players step into a world of community building and economic management. Armed with highly customizable base-building tools, survival is just the beginning. Players must scour the landscape for vital materials, nurture their food sources, experiment with cutting-edge technology, forge essential tools, and establish their humble abodes. 

As players befriend fellow survivors and form their community, their ultimate goal is to evolve from mere survival to flourishing prosperity. Highly detailed building tools give players the creative freedom to construct everything from vital shelters and workshops to advanced manufacturing facilities. Each settler has their needs and dreams, and it’s the player’s responsibility to transform them from struggling individuals into integral members of a thriving community. 

Players can also harness the power of automated technology through an array of building stations, cultivate a self-sustaining food supply from diverse crops, and regain food autonomy while unlocking a vast array of delightful recipes to keep their community content. Delve into the secrets of an abandoned factory, unraveling its history, memories, and untold stories. Common’hood is an outlet for creativity and a platform for meaningful learning about civics.


This game is an educational and anatomical adventure. In BodyQuest, a horde of mischievous aliens is wreaking havoc, and it’s up to a talented team of young scientists, with the player’s help, to thwart their invasion. Players miniaturize themselves and venture into their best friend’s bloodstream, exploring the inner workings of the human body like never before. 

With over 25 levels filled with various obstacles, challenges, and alien adversaries, players will run, jump, and use their nano-skate to save the day. As they progress and upgrade their knowledge of the human body, players unlock new skills for their nano-tool, including a vacuum express and laser scalpel to navigate the body’s complexities. Designed for different age groups, this game offers an educational experience about the musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems, making learning about the human body an engaging experience for all.

Niche – a genetics survival game

Niche – a genetics survival game is a unique fusion of turn-based strategy, simulation, and roguelike elements that challenges players to shape their own species of animals inspired by real genetics. Whether it’s crafting creatures that resemble cats, foxes, bears, or dogs, the game tasks players with guiding these beings through the trials of survival against a backdrop of hungry predators, ever-changing climates, and the looming threat of disease. 

If a species faces extinction, the game is lost, and evolution must begin anew. Key features include a dynamic, living world where players must demonstrate their survival skills, a breeding system rooted in the principles of real genetics, and over 100 genes to influence the destiny of your species. The game unfolds in procedurally generated worlds populated by various creatures across five diverse biomes, each presenting its unique challenges with different predators, prey, and flora to discover. 

Beyond its engaging gameplay, Niche offers educational value by introducing players to the scientific mechanics of genetics, encompassing concepts like dominant-recessive and co-dominant inheritance. This game is a practical lesson in the five pillars of population genetics, incorporating genetic drift, genetic flow, mutation, natural selection, and sexual selection into its mechanics. It seamlessly merges gaming with learning, allowing players to gain knowledge through interactive play!

Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission

Set on the breathtaking tropical island of Maupiroa, Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission invites players to dive into a deep-sea adventure like no other. Players set sail with their dolphin companion, Keanu, to uncover the mysteries of the ocean and learn about marine life and ecology while helping local environmentalists safeguard the island. With the aid of other island residents, players investigate the island’s rich folklore and traditions to unlock the secrets of magic totems. 

In this educational journey, players document various marine species and partake in conservation missions to protect the island’s wildlife, all while marveling at the ocean’s vibrant ecosystem and discovering how to preserve it. Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission blends education, exploration, and a touch of fantasy in a mesmerizing setting.

As you prepare your holiday shopping list, don’t overlook these remarkable educational games. They provide a gateway to knowledge, encourage critical thinking, and take players on adventures of learning and exploration. 

Interested in creating an educational game of your own? Whether it’s for use in the classroom or the office, we’re experienced game developers with a special focus on educational experiences. Let’s chat about your project! 

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