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Educational Games We’re Excited to Play in 2024

COWABUNGA! We’re riding a wave of anticipation straight into the new year. Anticipation for what, you may ask? The release of groundbreaking educational games in 2024, of course. 

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From underwater excursions to microscopic survival simulations, the games you’ll find below offer a unique blend of fun and learning for players of all ages. Read on to surf through the educational games we can’t wait to play in 2024.

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The Great Ocean

The Great Ocean is an exhilarating underwater VR adventure set within a high-tech submarine. Players explore diverse locations, from the Galapagos to the Arctic, wielding upgradeable tools such as lasers to free trapped whales and scanners providing information on over 100 marine species. As players quest to safeguard the oceans, the game also integrates a real-world impact by partnering with organizations such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). With next-level immersive gameplay, a commitment to oceanic conservation, and ongoing content updates promised through successful crowdfunding, we expect The Great Ocean to deliver an engaging experience that fosters a connection between players and the vital cause of marine preservation!

Lifeforms: Binary Fission

Embark on a scientific journey in Lifeforms: Binary Fission, a captivating arcade-like survival simulation. As a microorganism, players discover the intricacies of binary fission, the process by which single-celled organisms replicate by copying their DNA and splitting into two new cells. This game will challenge players to strategically choose traits and abilities to strengthen their life form as they multiply, aiming for ecological dominance. In survival mode, fierce competition with evolving species unlocks new mutations and abilities. Additionally, the game’s sandbox mode offers another layer of exploration, allowing players to manipulate the environment and species to witness the unfolding dynamics of life on a microscopic scale.

Egypt Frontiers

Not only do players get to explore the fascinating world of ancient Egypt in the upcoming Egypt Frontiers, but they can also actively participate in constructing authentic pyramids using genuine building techniques and architectural solutions known to the ancient Egyptians. The game’s commitment to historical accuracy ensures a realistic and educational insight into the intricate process of pyramid construction.

Egypt Frontiers offers players the dual experience of rulership in ancient Egypt, where strategic decisions must be made to manage resources, solve social problems, and shape the trajectory of their civilization. This upcoming title provides a unique choice between learning about the genuine history of Egypt or crafting an alternative vision, granting players the freedom to shape the destiny of their civilization. From the first pyramids to the era of great scientific discoveries, Egypt Frontiers spans various stages of Egypt’s development. 

The Aquatic Messenger

Journey through time in The Aquatic Messenger, a captivating VR experience that seamlessly blends art and science, allowing players to investigate microscopic messengers inspired by micropaleontology and plankton research. In this game, players learn about real-world plankton, creatures that have played a pivotal role in shaping the freshwater ecosystems on our planet

The Aquatic Messenger takes players on a tour of various historical periods, from 490 million years ago when regional stromatolites covered the lake, to the “age of fishes” 350 million years ago in the Helderbergs. Witness the impacts of settlement in the 1850s, the revelation of hidden life during the retreat of the Wisconsin ice sheet 20,000 years ago, and current times with the advanced instruments and data from the Jefferson Project sensor web, the Fund for Lake George, and others dedicated to preserving the lake’s cleanliness. By contemplating the potential consequences of their actions, the game challenges players to envision the state of the lake in the years 2060 and 2100, fostering an understanding of the delicate balance between human activities and the preservation of freshwater ecosystems.

So to Speak

So to Speak is an educational game that turns the process of learning a new language into an immersive adventure. As players wander through the streets of Japan, decoding signs, eavesdropping on conversations, and using context clues, this game offers Japanese language learning tailored for beginners. Meanings aren’t handed to players immediately; instead, each word functions as a puzzle, requiring connections to nearby objects or text with similar meanings.

So to Speak stands out as a tribute to the beauty of the Japanese language and the solo exploration of a foreign land. It ditches traditional drills and distractions, offering a series of situations that guide players to decipher new meanings. With over 300 words covering diverse topics like travel, nature, family, colors, numbers, time, and directions, the game provides an authentic linguistic experience set against the backdrop of cities, rural areas, gardens, and temples, enriching the learning process with real-world scenarios and clues. From basic vocabulary like “car” and “tree” to complex sentences, So to Speak nurtures language skills organically, making the journey of learning Japanese both enjoyable and effective.

Ara: History Untold

In Ara: History Untold, players seize the reins of national leadership and guide their civilization through the annals of time, from its modest origins to the pinnacle of human achievement. Featuring a dynamic and vivid world with diverse landscapes and biomes, the choices players make shape the destiny of their nation. Witness the ebbs and flows of life, culture, and prosperity as citizens react dynamically to the changing tides of history.

In this game, players can experiment with a rich economic crafting system, and manage the intricate details of their nation. They can also rule as influential historical figures such as Queen Nefertiti or George Washington, each with unique traits that impact gameplay and determine the behavior of AI counterparts. With simultaneous turns, Ara: History Untold introduces suspense and strategic depth, challenging players to foresee and respond to the unfolding narrative of their civilization. 

Farming Simulator Kids

As we noted in our December 2023 installment of What’s New in Game-based Learning, Farming Simulation Kids is coming to mobile devices and Switch in 2024! The latest addition to the Farming Simulator series promises an enriching and entertaining experience for young learners. Boasting a user-friendly presentation, Farming Simulator Kids features a character creator with colorful styles, multiple engaging locations, and a variety of activities, from planting and harvesting crops to taking care of adorable farm animals like cows and chickens.

With an emphasis on education, Farming Simulator Kids teaches the value of produce through rich mini-games, allowing little farmers to explore their farmers’ market, trade items at a swap shop, and create delicious food items. This game aims to cultivate an early interest in agriculture and food production, providing children with a delightful introduction to farming.

Some Assembly Required

RoboCo, our sandbox robotics game, is leaping into VR with Some Assembly Required, set to launch in 2024 on Steam and Meta Quest. This riveting VR experience brings the joy of robot designing and building to a new level.

In this game, players will find an intuitive and engaging construction experience using snap-together building and resizable parts. What sets Some Assembly Required apart is the ability to switch seamlessly between PC and VR modes, offering flexibility and accessibility for players. Moreover, players will be able to scale the environment in real time, adding an extra layer of dynamism to the gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned RoboCo fan or a newcomer, don’t miss out on this hands-on experience where creativity knows no bounds!

That concludes our list! We’re stoked to bring you a lineup of titles that’ll have you hanging ten on the tide of learning. These games will set you up for an epic surf through the seas of knowledge. 🤙

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