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HTML5 and WebGL

WebGL, like HTML5, is an agreed upon standard that browser software will support. It is based on OpenGL, which is the most widely adopted graphics standard in computing. This means that instead of relying on plug-ins, modern browsers can support rich content and advanced features without installing additional software. Specifically, WebGL allows for hardware accelerated graphics…

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Pulling Back the Veil: Using Games to Let Students Explore the Impossible

Dave Ropa is an avid game-based learning supporter. In our recent eBook release, Dave shared how he uses games in the classroom to help students understand complex material and apply that learning in meaningful ways. Dave uses games for three specific content areas in his seventh grade science class – instruction of ecology & environmental sciences,…

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FGP2-5: Are you a gamer?

This week we get a glimpse into Dan Norton’s bad lifestyle decisions and learn why Brandon calls Dan a cool futuristic cyberpunk warrior. We also dive into a riveting discussion about game structures hidden in daily life, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, and the pros and cons of casual games. Hot Topics in This Week’s Episode…

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Let’s Play! Transforming My Teaching to Match My Students

Miranda Salguero is a Dual Language Immersion Teacher at Sandburg Elementary, a 4k-5 elementary school in Madison, Wisconsin. The article below is a chapter from our eBook How to Teach with Games, featuring stories and resources from educators who are using games in the classroom. Miranda played an instrumental role in the creation of the eBook…

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