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Some Assembly Required is Available Now!

Today’s the day! Some Assembly Required is now available on Meta Quest! 🎉🤖

In this chaotic sandbox game, you’ll construct any robot you can think of, unleashing your creativity to solve hilarious challenges in a whimsical warehouse setting. If you’ve been following our journey, you might recognize this as the Meta Quest version of RoboCo!

We recently released a new mixed reality trailer showcasing a unique blend of real-world and virtual interactions – get a glimpse of the immersive and engaging gameplay that awaits you below!

As a player, you’ll use your problem-solving skills and imagination to design and build robots that can assist (or playfully hinder) clumsy humans in various wacky scenarios. The mixed reality trailer gives you a peek at the exciting gameplay and the endless possibilities for robot creation.

We’ve poured our hearts into creating Some Assembly Required and couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you. Head to the Meta Quest store right now and start your robot-building adventure! We can’t wait to see the incredible robots you’ll create.

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