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FGP 18: Season One Finale

Welcome to the season one finale! We want to extend a heartfelt thank you for listening to the first season of the Filament Games Podcast. We enjoyed releasing each episode and reading your Tweets, Facebook comments, and notes on Soundcloud. Rest assured, we will be back with season two before the end of 2016. If…

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Challenging Systems

I recently delivered a talk at the National Science Teachers Association entitled “Engagement Unlocked: Using Learning Games for STEM”. I began the presentation by disavowing the title because it suggests that, up to this point, engagement has been locked up and inaccessible in schools. That’s obviously not true. Yes, I remember having to memorize the…

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Tuning Digital Learning Games for Specific Learners

Good game design is largely universal. While things like “pacing,” “theming,” or “feedback” might vary depending on your audience and the reaction you’re trying to evoke from them, the basic building blocks of a game: concepts of success, failure, rules, and balance are always present, albeit in different permutations and to different degrees. That being…

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