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GBL Luminary Guest Post: Games and Grad School

Filament Games stays connected to the scholarly side of game-based learning (GBL) through our GBL Luminaries Program. Academics in the Luminaries program work with our staff to maintain a healthy dialogue between game-based learning theory and practice through all-staff lectures and guest blog posts. Today’s GBL Luminary guest post is from Matthew Berland, Professor in…

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Local Spotlight: WGA Professional Development Day

Calling all Wisconsin-based game developers – the Wisconsin Games Alliance’s Professional Development Day kicks off on Friday October 18th, 2019! Hosted at StartingBlock Madison and featuring two unique workshops on Unreal Engine 4 development fundamentals and version control for game devs, the all-day event is a must-attend for developers of all backgrounds and levels of…

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5 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Schools

As the holiday season hastily approaches and the spirit of giving fills the air, we wanted to highlight some simple ways you can play an active role in improving your local school community. No matter the size, location, or funding of your institution or district, it is likely they would joyfully welcome additional support from…

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Cool Choices: Game-Based Learning Benefits Adults

Classrooms around the country use game-based learning to improve academic achievement, enhance curriculum, and foster self-guided learning. Numerous recent studies have reinforced the efficacy of game-based learning and the positive impacts it has on the today’s students. What may not be as apparent are the benefits of game-based learning for adults. Keeping in mind that…

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Yoga For Teachers: An Interview with Breathe For Change

[Note: This is an interview transcript, and has been edited for length and clarity.] Breathe For Change is a growing movement of educators focused on teaching and learning for peace, love, and social justice. Their vision is to allow all people to be educated and empowered as their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships,…

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