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Illustrated portrait of Brandon Pittser.

Brandon Pittser

Welcome to the New Filament Games Website!

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Welcome to the new www.filamentgames.com! If you just happen to be stopping by, you might have noticed that one or two things are different about the site. In actual fact, all of the things are different about the site. But not to worry – things aren’t only different; they’re better. We’ve overhauled the site entirely,…

Meet the Expert: Virtual Reality Artist Adam Blumenthal

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

We recently connected with Adam Blumenthal, a veteran of the virtual reality space, to discuss the history and future of Virtual Reality. As Brown University’s Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence and Virtual Reality Professor of Practice, Adam provides a unique and comprehensive perspective on Virtual Reality as a medium. Tell us about yourself. What’s your background? I’ve…

Educational Indie Games 2021 Round-up

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Three thousand and thirty one. 3,031! That’s how many games have come out on Steam since the start of this year. In 2020, Steam launched a whopping 10,263 games – the most games released in one year on the platform, ever. Trying to find a new game to play from this staggering onslaught of content…

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