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Kat Shanahan

Prisoner of Echo Classroom Activity

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Looking for ways to get your students excited about sound? The activity below is included in our free game-based learning curriculum and can be used in conjunction with sound and amplitude learning game Prisoner of Echo. Try out this fun classroom activity with your students and view more sound and amplitude curriculum activities here! Lab: Sound…

Success Story: EkStep

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

The global game-based learning marketplace is growing and we’re excited to support that growth through new partnerships. Our partnership with Bangalore-based company EkStep is helping to bring game-based learning to millions of students in India. In India, nearly 75% of fifth grade students cannot do division and 25% of children drop out of school before they…

Get to Know a Sound Designer: An Interview with Josh Bartels

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

The great thing about Filament Games is that you have the opportunity to interact with amazingly talented people everyday. Our studio is made up of highly creative people that contribute to every aspect of the game design process. Because of our exceptionally talented team members, we’re able to take a game from conception to completion…

Speed Sketch! Opposites Attract

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Newton’s Laws got nothin’ on the laws of attraction! Watch as Game Art Team Lead Natasha Soglin paints a special Valentine’s Day portrait for these two Motion Force characters. Have questions for Natasha? Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter! In the mood for more Speed Sketches? Check these out! Winter Wonderland Happy Thanksgiving from Filament Games Happy Hallowbee Landscape…

Cool Choices: Game-Based Learning Benefits Adults

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

Classrooms around the country use game-based learning to improve academic achievement, enhance curriculum, and foster self-guided learning. Numerous recent studies have reinforced the efficacy of game-based learning and the positive impacts it has on the today’s students. What may not be as apparent are the benefits of game-based learning for adults. Keeping in mind that…

District Game-based Learning Implementation Guide

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

One of the things we’ve heard from District Administrators after implementing 1:1 initiatives is that the challenging part has only just begun. Now that they have these beautiful new devices, administrators have to make sure they’re useful to students and teachers. Implementing a district-wide game-based learning program is a great way to make sure you’re…

Speed Sketch! Spring Sunflowers

Filament Games | Educational Game Developer

It’s officially Spring here in Wisconsin and we’re celebrating with a brand new Speed Sketch! In our latest video, Game Art Team Lead Natasha Soglin creates a beautiful work of art inspired by our plant structures and processes learning game Reach for the Sun. Check out the below video and let us know what you think on…

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