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Case Study: Games as Medicine

One of the most exciting areas of our business lies in the intersection between game-based learning and healthcare. As pioneers in this field, we’ve partnered with incredible clients who combine games with medicine in fresh and practical ways. In this case study, we’re sharing three groundbreaking projects that demonstrate the transformative power of game-based learning in healthcare.

Project 1: Turing Medical’s FIRMM-pix

Objective: To create a video game that calms patients during MRI scans, improving image quality while reducing anxiety.

Solution: FIRMM-pix, a game we created in partnership with Turing Medical, achieves just that. It takes patients on captivating adventures through an enchanted forest and a luminescent cave, rewarding them with accumulating animations for remaining still. This game helps patients remain calm, ultimately improving the quality of their scan images. It’s an original tool designed to reduce anxiety and enhance a patient’s MRI experience.

Project 2: Penumbra’s Mindful Market™

Objective: To develop a virtual reality experience that empowers patients to enhance their cognitive function, memory, and endurance.

Solution: Penumbra’s Mindful Market™ offers a virtual reality experience where patients can engage in various activities, such as running a sandwich shop or helping a farmer sort animal feed. With the help of a therapist, these digital exercises bolster cognitive functions, working memory, sequencing abilities, and more, all within customizable settings tailored to individual patient needs. This virtual reality solution is a fun and effective way to support cognitive rehabilitation activities.

Project 3: Blue Note Therapeutic’s Serein

Objective: To create a psychotherapy game that helps cancer patients find meaning in their lives.

Solution: Meet Serein, a psychotherapy game we developed in collaboration with Blue Note Therapeutics. This unique game guides cancer patients through the “Land of Meaning,” where they take on the role of a bird, helping their companions reopen the “Gate of Meaning.” Along the journey, users connect with the game’s landscape to discover sources of personal meaning. They share stories, tackle challenges, and interact with Guide Bird, an AI conversation bot that offers tailored responses to assist them in their quest for meaning. Serein offers patients a new perspective and helps them explore their values, connect with others, and find purpose in their lives.

These three projects illuminate the extraordinary potential of game-based learning in healthcare. From reducing anxiety during medical procedures to supporting cognitive rehabilitation to providing mental health support, the combination of games and medicine is changing lives. We’re dedicated to exploring new horizons in healthcare and partnering with forward-thinking organizations to bring innovative ideas to life. If you’re interested in exploring game-based learning as an integral part of medical technology, let’s chat!

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