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Video: Who We Are

We’re often asked what it’s like to work at Filament Games. Our answers normally fall somewhere on a spectrum between “it’s amazing because we get to work with wonderful people” to “it’s rewarding because we create learning experiences that improve people’s lives.” To give you a more precise idea of what makes Filament great, we…

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Speed Sketch! Happy Hallowbee

It’s my favorite time of year! The leaves are turning, cinnamon and spices are a-brewin’, and I get to break out my infinity scarves and sweaters! There’s something cozy, innocent, and nostalgic about fall, from Back-to-School all the way through Thanksgiving into winter, and Halloween is no exception. I wanted to capture that essence in…

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Appealing to your Buyer with Games: Tips for Educational Publishers

As an educational publisher, you are most likely keeping a close eye on the digital educational publishing landscape and see that game-based learning is an important component of it. Whether you have already implemented game-based learning into your product strategy or are just starting to think about it, I encourage you to visit Digital Game-Based…

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Building Creative Practices: Holacracy

The last installment of this Building Creative Practices series talked about employing sound strategies for communication in the context of some common organizational structures and challenging dispositions. Since you’ve all read that article and are at this point colleague-whisperers and conjurers of consensus, I thought today’s installment could focus on an uncommon organizational structure – namely,…

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Incorporating VR into Your Business Strategy

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting new technology with a lot of potential, and we’ve spoken to a number of folks who are already exploring ways to augment their businesses with VR. As a technology that provides new modes of interaction and information consumption, VR is highly attractive to corporate trainers, nonprofits with a message,…

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5 Reasons Why Game-based Learning Should Be Your Educator’s Next PD Day

Research shows that teachers play a critical role in successful game-based learning programs. There’s no better way to see if a game-based learning program is right for your district than hosting a GBL professional development day! Game-based learning professional development invites teachers to try out games in a safe and supported environment, learn about game-based pedagogy,…

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