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Exploring the Future of Digital Curriculum with

Remember Arne Duncan? I do. He was the Education Secretary under the Obama administration, and in 2012 he (somewhat controversially) declared that “Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete.” From our 2018 vantage point, this statement seems a little silly. Textbooks are still relevant to today’s schools, but I can sympathize with the…

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How AI Enhances Collaborative Learning

Artificial intelligence is poised to radically change education, according to Pearson’s 2016 report Intelligence Unleashed: An Argument for AI in Education. Though the report lists numerous ways in which recent advancements in educational AI programs are improving learning efficiency and outcomes, a section I found to be particularly thought-provoking highlights a few ways that artificial…

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Speed Sketch! Character Redesign Challenge

Art RPGs can create some weird critters. The below creature is called an ‘Esk,’ created by artist Witherlings over at DeviantArt. Their relatively new ARPG “Those Who Went Missing” has skyrocketed in popularity, garnering over 1,000 new members in a mere nine months. Esk are furry creatures with four legs, long flowing tails, and a distinct…

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Learning from 2017’s Best Commercial Video Games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds A Hunger Games-esque battle royale survival game, online shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tasks players with a single objective: stay alive until you’re the last player standing. Each match begins with 100 players dropping out of an airplane onto a giant landmass packed with towns, farmlands, mountains, and forests – immediately thereafter, players begin fending…

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Demoing Your VR Game at Industry Events & Conferences

In my short time as a Marketing Assistant at Filament Games, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel the country and show off our latest VR projects at various industry trade shows and events. From showcasing our virtual reality robotics experience RoboEngineers at I/ITSEC 2017 to demoing our VR celebration of women in science Breaking Boundaries at…

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Yoga For Teachers: An Interview with Breathe For Change

[Note: This is an interview transcript, and has been edited for length and clarity.] Breathe For Change is a growing movement of educators focused on teaching and learning for peace, love, and social justice. Their vision is to allow all people to be educated and empowered as their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships,…

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Designing Games & Saving Lives! An Interview with Matt Haselton

To celebrate the recent launch of the AppClinic series, we sat down with Matt Haselton, Game Designer at Filament Games and lead designer on Saving Lives!, AppClinic’s marquee CPR/AED learning game. We spoke with Matt about the inspiration behind the project and the particular advantages of delivering this kind of training content in a digital,…

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