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Get to Know a Sound Designer: An Interview with Josh Bartels

The great thing about Filament Games is that you have the opportunity to interact with amazingly talented people everyday. Our studio is made up of highly creative people that contribute to every aspect of the game design process. Because of our exceptionally talented team members, we’re able to take a game from conception to completion…

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Prisoner of Echo Classroom Activity

Looking for ways to get your students excited about sound? The activity below is included in our free game-based learning curriculum and can be used in conjunction with sound and amplitude learning game Prisoner of Echo. Try out this fun classroom activity with your students and view more sound and amplitude curriculum activities here! Lab: Sound…

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Game Art Live Stream Recap

I had the pleasure of joining Game Art Team Lead Natasha Soglin in the studio today as she live streamed her design process and answered viewers’ questions about game art. To give you a behind-the-scenes looks at her drawing process, Natasha re-created two game art characters from our chemical equations balancing game, Bongo Balance. Watch…

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FGP2-8: Game Art

This week the very talented Alexander S. Cooney joins us in the studio to talk about his circuitous path to Filament Games and the impact art has on gameplay. We also discuss growing potatoes indoors to protect yourself from zombies, how game designers can get into the heads of their target audience, and The Three…

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